~Dining Room Update~

Dining Room After
Dining Room Before

The painters finished by noon, Wednesday. Today, we put things back together and hung the botanical prints.
The paint color, for the walls, is Sherwin Williams Interesting Aqua. The ceiling color, Topsail, is on the same Sherwin Williams chip card.
We ordered a new table and chandelier. It will be a few more weeks before the table is to be delivered. The chandelier should arrive by next week. I'll post update photos when those are delivered and installed.
This photo shows the clearest representation of the paint color.
I looked online for botanical prints and was about to bid on several, on e-bay, when I remembered a 2005 Redoute calendar from Barnes & Noble, I had tucked away.
I measured and figured and figured and measured, then went to Michael's in search of frames. I had in mind what I wanted. It was just a matter of finding them. I saw 5 wood frames, I thought would work well, but needed 10. The price was around $22, with 40% off that. Not a bad price. Another store was contacted. There were only three at that location. While browsing the store, I happened to stumble upon a rack of frames, marked $12. Mats were included. Since we hadn't found 10 of the other frames within a reasonable driving distance, I decided to give the $12 frames a try. I loaded them in the cart and proceeded to checkout. I thought I was seeing things when I saw the total! Those frames were marked down to $4.99! Did I mention I got that Barnes & Noble calendar half off, about three years ago? The cost of the calendar was $6.50. I've used two of the pages in frames for the hearth room. Total cost of 10 matted and framed "botanical prints", approximately $5.50 each! Bargain botanical prints!

I'm very happy about how the prints turned out. The wall is just as I visualized it. I kept the plant stand, switching out the silk fern, for a living pothos plant. We're leaving the wood floor bare.
A view into the foyer, from the "new" dining room.
The new chandelier is two tiered, in a candle style. I plan to use the chandelier without shades. I have a centerpiece, in mind, for the new table.