~Festival of the Little Hills~

Lewis and Clark Statue, Frontier Park, on the Missouri River, Saint Charles Missouri.

J and I spent a lovely evening, last Friday, enjoying Festival of the Little Hills, in Saint Charles Missouri. We stopped at Bradden's on South Main Street for a cold drink and homemade chips with ranch dressing, on the patio, before continuing our walk.

We sampled delicious Greek pastries, as we strolled along the brick streets.
Folks walking along in front of Homestead Shop. A few years ago, during the Festival, I purchased a carved swan, at Homestead. The large swan now sits on the mantel in our hearth room, beneath a print of Jon Pils' South Main Street (Saint Charles).
We were accompanied by friends, JoAnn & Jim and Gwyn & Charles, that year. We took turns carrying the heavy swan, from one end of Main to the other and back again! We and our friends, especially Charles, still talk about that day and the swan!
Saint Charles Veterans Memorial, near the riverfront.

Above photos are scenes around the festival.

Bob Culbertson, at left, provided lovely sounds of an acoustic instrument called a Chapman Stick. We sat at the gazebo and listened for awhile. The instrument and soothing sound intrigued us, so much, we purchased two CD's. We listened to Cafe San Francisco (jazz), on our drive home. The other album, we bought, is A Moment in Time, featuring acoustic rhythms of Spain and the ancient sound of Celtic lands.
More about the instrument and the music of Bob Culbertson can be found here. Music can be heard at the link, by clicking CD's.
Festival visitors arriving as we were leaving.

A beautiful sunset on a perfect day.