~Cabinet & Mirror Ledge Faux Pas?~

While visiting blogs, this week, I enjoyed following the faux floral posts. To use faux greenery or not to use faux. That was the question.

When we built our home, I wanted space above the cabinets. Over the years, the cabinets in other homes either went to the ceiling or were connected to a soffit. No "vignette space"!

I chose to not use faux greenery above my cabinets. The pottery, to the left, is a piece we bought from a potter in Rocheport, Missouri. To the right is an antique coffee mill, I purchased before J and I were married. There are Pfaltzgraf gingerbread molds, leaning on a tray and a Pfaltzgraf box with copper insert, I've had over thirty years. A thrift shop bunny and a Michael's gourd complete this vignette.
The frame holds 4 views of our lane at the farm, during winter. The second from the top photo is one of cows in the feed lot, we passed through to reach the lane to the back pasture, where we lived.
I purchased the little cup from Robin, of Bittersweet Punkin. The name Patricia is engraved on the cup. I couldn't resist!
As in other areas of our home, I tried to use bits and pieces with special meaning for us.
A rooster and hen and copper pieces, sit atop the cabinet, over the refrigerator.
The cabinets are Hickory, custom made. This photo shows the color best.
What is on your cabinet tops?
Now we come to the mirror ledge.....faux pas?
This mirror, in the master bathroom, is very difficult to photograph without my image appearing somewhere! I had to do some "creative" shooting and editing, with these photos.
The white vanity is in three sections. The sink sections are on either side of a solid top. The mirror is simply a sheet mirror, in sections, as seen in many homes. I wanted some sort of frame for the mirror and eventually came up with an idea for the ledge. At the time, I didn't know what to do about accessories. In the end, with the open house looming, I purchased two ledge sitting faux plants, from Evergreen, at the lake. That was two years ago and I still haven't figured out what to do above those ledges, when or if, I remove the faux greenery!
I've entertained thoughts of leaning some sort of art, on the ledge. Another idea is crockery, vases or urns. This bathroom has a sort of garden feel. You can see a bit of the tub/window area reflected in the mirror.
I'm doing a little shopping around for new lighting.
I welcome any ideas for accessorizing the ledge. What would you do?

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
Those, in the path of Ike and other storms, are in our thoughts and prayers. Stay safe!
Saturday 9/13
I'm just popping back in to thank those of you wishing me a happy birthday. I appreciate it so much, but there has been a tad bit of an error. My birthday is in July. Sorry for any confusion. I don't know how this happened.