~Fall Garden Preview~

Mums, on the verge of blooming.
The day is overcast and cool. Temperature, low 60's (F). Ike remnants passed through our area over the weekend. There is flooding across our county. We discovered a bit of roof damage. We're sure it will be easy to fix.
We cannot believe the power that was Hurricane Ike. There were lives lost in St Louis. Major flooding is to continue, in our area, this week. I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like in Texas and Louisiana! Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those, affected by this storm.
While waiting for the fellow to come by and assess what needs to be done to the roof, I took a little walk around our yard and gardens.
Autumn officially arrives this coming weekend. It's beginning to feel very much like Fall, here.

Liriope, in the front garden, beside the dining room window.
Chrysanthemums growing in the garden beside the back porch steps.

Three photos above, show mums in the side garden.
Anemones beneath the hearth room window, this morning.
This close up of an Anemone was taken a couple of weeks ago.
Bird feeder beside the garage door and shrubs beside the garage.
Andi, of Andi's Everyday Adventures, challenged me to answer 5 questions.
1. Where was I 10 years ago?
Living in the back pasture of J's family farm.
2. What was on my To Do List, today?
Straighten house and put away dishes, before roof fellow arrives.
3. What would I do if I was a billionaire?
Help pay for the education of our grandchildren, buy homes for our children, give to our favorite charities and foundations, move to the Ozarks.
4. Five places I have lived.
Missouri, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Illinois.
5. Bad Habits?
Fall asleep with the TV on. That's all I'm willing to admit to.