~Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile.~
William C. Bryant
Melissa, of The Inspired Room, is presenting Fall Nesting, this week, beginning September 2. She has invited everyone to join the festivities by leaving a link, at her site, leading to their Fall nesting and decorating posts.

Because Fall is my favorite time of year, I am excited about the event and will leave a link at The Inspired Room.
Missouri weather is varied, to say the least. During Winter we're accustomed to ice storms and blizzards, loss of power for days and yes, we've been snowed in! Spring brings interesting and dangerous weather in the form of electrical storms, tornadoes and floods. Summertime high temperatures, into the 100's can happen, along with humidity. This Summer, we had a bit of a reprieve, with dog days only lasting a short time. Our lawn, instead of becoming brown and crispy in mid July, is still fairly lush and green. There is something lovely about every season, here. Out of all the seasons of the year, I look forward to Autumn's calmer Missouri weather and sweet days, with the most excitement. I see it as a season of preparation for rest and renewal.
With nesting in mind, I added a red duvet cover and shams, to the bed in the Master Bedroom.

I pulled the round table and chairs from the living room and added red and gold pillows, from the Hearth Room.

A corner of the Master Bath.
A Cabinet Makeover
I've often thought of adding fabric to the back of this cabinet, in the Hearth Room. Over the weekend, I finally accomplished what I had in mind.
Saturday afternoon, I found fabric at Hancock Fabrics. I purchased foam board and set to work, Sunday afternoon.
We recycle cardboard shipping cartons. J made a delivery to the recyclers, recently. The cartons would have been ideal for cutting to size and mounting the fabric.
I measured the cabinet back sections, cut the foam board to fit, then cut the fabric about 1.5 inches larger. It's important to notice pattern repeat, when using print fabric. Fold the fabric over the foam board or cardboard, mitre corners and secure with tape all along the edge of the fabric.
The cabinet before.
A close up of the results.

A few photos of Fall Nesting, at our house.

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