~A White Rose~

This gorgeous white rose is the Pope John Paul II Commemorative Rose. For more about this rose visit this Jackson and Perkins site.

As we were leaving for the lake, Tuesday morning, we stopped by Sacred Heart Church. As I approached the garden, the sweet fragrance of this lovely rose, greeted me.

A few years ago, J and his brothers gave this statue to the parish, in memory of their parents and brother. J's parents came to Sacred Heart Parish, over 60 years ago.

The white rose garden was designed and planted by parishoners of Sacred Heart.

This fellow finds the rose as lovely as we do!

We're spending a few days at our lake place. It's rained here, since Tuesday night. A gentle rain. No lightning or thunder. We're enjoying having the sliding doors, to the deck, open. The temperatures are cooler. There is a definite hint of Autumn, in the air.
I'm so appreciative of the wonderful response to the Nesting post. I have a couple of little Fall projects, here at the lake, I hope to tell you about soon.