~October Doorways & Other Autumn Delights~

This is a view of our front door from the berm at the corner of the yard. Our side garden is seen in the photo below. All the photos were taken this morning.
"Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn."
~Elizabeth Lawrence~
Our front porch, October ready, this morning.
A neighborhood doorway.
This is one of two small lakes, in our subdivision.

Our creek side garden.

This windmill was purchased, by our neighbor up the road, at a farm north of here, after a tornado. He removed 8 ft of twisted iron and replaced several blades. Isn't it beautiful?
I was asked, in the previous post, about editing my photos. The first windmill photo is unedited, other than size. I enjoyed editing the second photo in Photofiltre, Picasa3, and Photoscape. These are free downloads. I usually change the size of my photos, for easier downloading. Most of the time, I do very little editing. The three programs I mentioned are very user friendly. I recommend using them, to learn the basics of editing. I've enjoyed learning different aspects of the editing programs. If you decide to download one or all of these programs, my advice would be to take lots of photos and try different editing techniques to hone your skills.
A maple along the road, behind our home.
Another neighborhood doorway.

This scarecrow family lives on the other side of our subdivision.

A scene along the gravel road.
"The scarlet of maples can shake me like a cry of bugles going by. And my lonely spirit thrills to see the frosty asters like smoke upon the hills."
~William Bliss Carman~
This home is in our subdivision. The mums in urns are beautiful.

I like how our neighbor used the autumn garland over the doorway.

Another country scarecrow family.
I created a couple of frames for this photo, taken at the farm where the windmill is located.
More editing techniques were used in this photo, taken next to our driveway.
Predicting the weather with persimmons.
Have you ever opened the seed of a persimmon and found a knife, fork or spoon? I have! As the lore goes, if a spoon is found more often than a fork or knife, we are to have lots of snow over the coming winter. J opened a seed the other day, at the lake, and found a spoon. We've spoken to several folks in our part of the world who have also found spoons....lots of spoons.
Enjoy Autumn!