~Pat in the Hat~

Our first Trick or Treater's are due to arrive around noon. We're looking forward to greeting Sleeping Beauty and Steve from Blue's Clues. Can hardly wait.

We arrived home, yesterday.
After picking up Molly, where she was boarded, during our getaway, we drove out to Eagle Fork Farm's "punkin' patch", to meet a cute little Penguin and his Mommy and big sis, Xanti. Noah is enjoying his first Halloween.

I rediscovered the earrings, shown at left, packed away in a trunk, in the studio. I've had these earrings for about 20 years. The Jack 'o Lantern is the earring and the black piece, with yellow stars, is the back.

I found the shawl, in the no man's land I call my closet. It's been around since the 1970's! These accessories, the witchy hat, tied with an orange bow, a black turtleneck and pants, complete my Halloween garb. Hoping this little ensemble won't frighten the ghosties and goblins, too much.