~Greetings From Big Cedar~

I'm sending a quick note from Big Cedar Lodge. We're on our way to the lake today. We'll continue home, tomorrow, where we have a date with a tiny penguin at the pumpkin patch.
We've had a lovely time, these past few days. I'll write more about our road trip, when we arrive home.

The path to our cabin is seen through the leaves of a Dogwood, in all it's autumn glory.

A friendly little squirrel, outside our cabin door.

I've been BOOED! Thank you dear ladies of Note Songs and Charli and Me. I am passing this lovely Halloween Award to all my good and faithful readers. You all are so important to me. With this big ol' boo award, I am sending my best wishes for a happy and safe Halloween!
The rules for booing are; pass this award along to as many friends as you wish and link back to the Back Porch.
Talk to you soon!