~Fifty-One Days~

When we passed through Branson, Missouri, on our way to Big Cedar Lodge, we stopped at the Kringles Shops at Grand Village. These shops, open year round, offer a little bit of everything in Christmas decor. Always fun to browse, I usually find an item or two, to bring home. This time I found something blue for the dining room. I'll begin decorating that room and others in our home, soon.

We plan to celebrate Thanksgiving with our children the Sunday before. We will have brunch at a nearby restaurant. I'll prepare a traditional Thanksgiving meal, at the lake, Thanksgiving day. Since we won't be at home for Thanksgiving, I'll begin bringing out all those cartons and some of the trees, in Christmas storage, in a couple of weeks.

In good times and bad, we always celebrate Christmas. We are well known, in our neck of the woods, for going all out, when it comes to Christmas decorating!

When do you begin decorating for the holidays?