~Christmas in Historic Saint Charles 2008~

Friday, December 12th, we strolled South Main Street, Saint Charles, Missouri. We looked in a few shops and talked with other Saint Charles visitors.

Several events are planned, during Christmastime. Parades, Carolers, Roasting Chestnuts and other Christmas traditions are found here from November through December.

Below are photos from our day.

The exterior of one of the wonderful shops and interior photos, too.

We wanted to have lunch at Magpies, but the wait was very long. After looking at other dining places in the district, also quite busy, we decided to drive outside the area for lunch at Macaroni Grill.
The photo of the sign is for Sheila at The Quintessential Magpie.
These photos are from a shop on the corner of Booneslick and South Main. Lots of primitive and lodge accessories, here. The sleigh, in the top photo, is just inside the door of the shop.

I believe this is a private home on South Main.
The gazebo, dressed in fresh pine rope and red bows.
Riverside Sweets, one of our favorite places. We purchased peanut clusters for our dessert.

This shop sells villages and village accessories. Always fun to explore Collectors' Center.
Old school friends, together for a day on South Main Street, during Christmas 2005.
Below, Ebeneezer Scrooge aboard a white carriage. Just after I took this photo, he turned and pointed his bony finger at me. He told me to stop smiling and get back to my work! A little later, he accosted me again, as we walked along the other side of the street. As before, he told me to get back to my work. Both times I smiled cheerily and said, "Merry Christmas, Mr Scrooge!" This photo and the one above, were taken in 2005 when we visited the district with friends.
This collage is made of photos from the past three Christmases and one from Christmas 2008. I love that little group photo, from '07. Look at all the personality shown here. Gabi is trying to escape! Drew is upset. I think he's somewhat like his Aunt Mimi. I have a few photos of her, at his age, with the same expression! Both sort of worry warts! Xanti is hanging on for dear life and Noah, in G'pa J's arms, is oblivious to the world.
Tablescape Tuesday, December 23rd, I'll return with a silver and gold tablescape in the blue dining room.
Have a wonderful weekend!