~Christmas in the Lodge 2008~

"Stockings were hung, by the chimney, with care".
Just a little glimpse into J's "lodge". This corner, by the fireplace, will be the only decorated area this year. My desk sits in the opposite corner. It's definitely not decorated!
We were going to leave the villages packed away, but changed our minds. A farmhouse, mill and silos are in this window, next to the fireplace. Some pieces are Dept 56, others are from Wal-mart and Michael's. I try to put together little scenes that might tell a story. The wagon is bringing grain from the silos to the mill.

A lodge setting is in this window. I love how these windows are set into the concrete wall of the basement, giving them extra depth.
The back of one of J's grandparent's rockers is seen in this photo. Next to the chair is an old school desk. The small rocker was purchased over 20 years ago, at a garage sale in the Ozarks. We've found some wonderful treasures, in the beautiful Ozarks.
We were thinking about taking a walk on South Main St., Saint Charles, Missouri, today (WED.). I looked at the Weatherbug notice on my monitor and saw the temp falling from 28 (F), to 23 (F)! The walk on Main has been postponed a couple of days.
The day was perfect for a pot of chili. It doesn't have to be Christmas Day, at our house, to serve a meal on Christmas dishes. Even if we're only having a bowl of soup or chili or stew, we use our Christmas dinnerware, all through the holidays and only pack them away in January.
While I was preparing the chili, I thought back to elementary school in Lebanon, Missouri. The cafeteria was located in the basement of the Washington building. I remember soup and chili days and how the wonderful aromas wafted up the steps and into our classrooms.
We always have peanut butter sandwiches, with our chili. Today I mixed a little maple syrup into the peanut butter. I don't know what the school cooks mixed into the peanut butter, molasses, honey or syrup. Whatever it was, it tasted so good; one of those 1950's school memories, I hope to never forget. Those were the days when much of the food, prepared for students, was from scratch.
This scene is on the round table in the bay window of the master bedroom. It depicts a couple leaving their farm home in a buggy. They're on their way to church. Children are seen at play on a hill, near the gazebo.
I placed this Saint Nick, dressed in blue, on Mother's cabinet in the blue dining room. He's another piece we purchased at a senior center in the Ozarks, over 2 decades ago.
Many times, when we're returning from medical appointments in West St Louis County, we stop at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Monday was no exception. I always have a look around the store. This time, I found three vintage look paper houses. They were marked down, so I couldn't just leave them there! This blue one is on the shelves in the dining room. The plates, in the stand, next to the little house, are a hint of an upcoming table setting post.
The Mockingbird was outside the bedroom window, this morning.
~A Christmas Story~
Saturday afternoon, youngest daughter, Gabi and Drew's mommy, called. She was browsing Got a Deal. I don't know what she must have been thinking when she called me about a deal on Dept 56, A Christmas Story, at Sears. You guessed it...J and I have started another little collection. I'm working on a plan for Cleveland Elementary School and a Double Dog Dare.
Sunday, M's big sister T called. She was browsing Got a Deal. More about that one, in an upcoming post.
I was asked if the back porch is enclosed. It is open on the back. The walls of the hearth room, master bedroom and living room are on the three other sides. It's comfortable with the fire going. Comfortable enough to prepare and eat S'mores in December.
Recently, I was given awards that I am truly appreciative of. I'll post about them soon.
We are joyfully overwhelmed by your wonderful response to Christmas at our house. We can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate your lovely comments.
Sunday, we will be touring several Christmas homes, in our town. I hope to be able to take photos.
Have a wonderful weekend!