~A Back Porch Christmas~

I promised I would return today (Monday), with photos of the back porch, all dressed up for Christmas. A few good things prevented me from decorating the porch and composing a post, until this afternoon.
The weather was a tad chilly, Saturday, so we decided to sit in front of the fireplace, in the hearth room and just enjoy. We thought we might work on the porch, Sunday afternoon.
Sunday morning, J's 85 year old Aunt Ruth called. She was going to an auction, here in town, and was stopping by here first. J decided to go to the sale with Aunt Ruth. I stayed here and prepared lunch. A visit from Aunt Ruth is rare. Naturally, Christmas decorating was put on the back burner. We had a wonderful time and didn't want her to leave!
The back porch was put back on the decorating schedule for today. But first, we drove into Chesterfield, about 50 miles from here, early this morning. J had an appointment with his surgeon, for a follow up. All is still going well!
We did a few errands, returning home just after noon. We went to work, immediately. There were just a few things left to do, to complete Christmas on the back porch.
The tablescape is my contribution for Tablescape Tuesday, hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. Be sure to stop by Tuesday for great table setting ideas.
The plates, used in this setting, are from various sources. The wicker tray is one of four used on the patio, during warm weather. The bottom plate is part of a set, we use in J's "lodge". I use the green plate during spring. The bird house plate is 1 of four I bought to use in a plate rack, for the holidays, several years ago. The "napkins" are tea towels. I ordered the flatware from Horchow 2 years ago.
J built a fire in the back porch fireplace, this afternoon.

Santa and Mrs Claus, warming themselves beside a wood stove. This little ceramic set was made at a senior center in the Ozarks about 20 years ago.

Christmas on the front porch. Nearer to Christmas, we'll add fresh cedar branches to the white wicker plant stand. The wooden Rudolph was purchased at a craft show, in O'Fallon Missouri, over 20 years ago. This is just one of several Christmas decorations we will keep and use till the cows come home.
When this photo is enlarged you might be able to see the dining room tree lights.
A Christmas candle idea; carve out a space in the center of a pillar candle and place a battery operated flickering tea light in the center. This also works for candles that have burned down a bit. It's a less expensive option for burning large candles and safer. This candle is now on it's third Christmas.
J decorated the mailbox and front porch. Molly helped.

Before leaving for a Christmas party, Friday evening, we used a tripod and the timer on the Canon camera, to take this photo. A friend suggested we add it to our cards this year. By the way, I haven't begun addressing cards, yet!
On another note, J had his last Physical Therapy, Friday morning, on his left arm. He now has full range of motion and is assured the atrophy will repair.
I know I told you we were finished decorating. You didn't really believe that, did you? This is just a hint of things to come, in J's "lodge".
I took this photo of the trees, at the back of our property, silhouetted against the gorgeous sunrise, Sunday morning. I added it to my photo blog as a contribution to Thematic Photographic, hosted by Carmi, at Written Inc. The theme is Shadow. Not long ago I contributed a black and white photo of an abandoned tractor. The theme was Broken.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading all your wonderful comments. I see some new folks, too. I'll be around to see you in the next few days! Thanks for stopping by the Back Porch.