~The Condo Project Begins~

J knew something was a tad unusual, when we arrived at the lake Monday around noon and I left the laptop packed away.

After unloading the truck, storing away provisions and unpacking the bags, I felt a little bit weary. I took a nap; when I woke up the room was spinning. I knew right away, the problem was most likely inner ear. I've had these infections in the past and knew rest and Benadryl would solve the problem. I slept most of the afternoon and all night until about 5 AM, this morning. Dizziness has disappeared and I feel rested.

Naturally, the first thing I did, upon awakening, was unpack the laptop!

Just before my nap, I unpacked one of the white frames and took a photo to include in the post I was hoping to publish yesterday evening. The photos, within the photo, are Bagnell Dam, a church steeple and the Arrowhead Lodge sign. Arrowhead Lodge was one of our favorite places for a delicious old fashioned artery clogging breakfast. Sadly, two years ago, Arrowhead Lodge was sold on the courthouse steps. The building was taken down, leaving only the sign as a remembrance of the restaurant. I snapped this photo, last year. The sign has since been removed.

This morning, we're making a run to the Sherwin Williams store in Osage Beach, where we'll pick up a gallon of Mink and a sample of Snowfall. Snowfall is the lightest shade on the same card as Mink. I'm considering Snowfall for all other walls in the front room and inner hall of the condo.

The front hall/foyer of the condo measures 3' 9"X 7' 11". Not a lot of space to work with, for furniture. I'm looking for a bench or narrow table...perhaps a sofa table, to place under the 6 framed photos. The Bed and Breakfast sign will be moved to another area in the condo.

This is another view of the foyer. It's a difficult space to photograph. The cabinet is now in the front room of the condo.

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