~Exploring Possiblities~

New Years Eve morning, I was greeted with this beautiful sight. I couldn't resist the temptation to snap a few photos of these Canada Geese. My camera in hand and my feet bare, I stepped out onto the deck, in the frosty morning air, and clicked away.
Charla, another lake dweller, left a comment, at the Back Porch, the other day. Her condo is 2 miles from Bagnell Dam. She is seeing many Bald Eagles. We saw one Thanksgiving and hope to see more, soon.
If I made New Years Resolutions, I would resolve to purchase a great telephoto lens!

The exploration, mentioned in the subject line of this post, is the quest for a narrow bench or table for the foyer. I have in mind what I would like and J has an idea of what he would like. We have similar thoughts about the piece of furniture. We'll have fun exploring.
We're driving down to my old home town and have a look around an antique shop or two. It won't surprise you to know, we will also stop at a "dish place". I'm looking for Spode Woodlands. As usual, the hunt is as much fun as the discovery.
The "Mink" is fabulous! Photos next week.
I'm putting on my bloggin' shoes, today, and visit awhile.
Have a wonderful weekend and an extra wonderful 2009!