~Furniture Moving & Renewal~

The living room looks empty, after Christmas, every year. This year, the siren song of Lake of the Ozarks called us away from home and packing up Christmas. This week, we completed dismantling the last bits and pieces of Christmas 2008. The last room, to get our attention, was the living room. As usual, even though the same amount of furniture was there, it seemed empty.

I had a light bulb moment. We moved furniture around today. The new arrangement is completely different than any since we built the house, in 2003. The catalyst of the big rearrange was the tables we brought home from the lake for painting. With the inclement weather, we decided to postpone taking the tables to the auto body paint shop. Instead of leaving the tables in the crowded garage, we brought them into the living room. I have to admit, they have added some warmth to the room.

After I saw the photos, in this post, I notice some things that are going to be eliminated and others that are going to be moved to other areas of the room.

The dried floral and feather arrangement, on the corner table, will be moved. I have another bird print to hang below the existing print. Perhaps I'll add a candle or two, to the coffee table. More books will be brought in. I ran out of steam, before I finished "accessorizing".
The birdcages are, most likely, temporary. I love taking photos of rooms, at the end of the day. The images make it easier for me to "see" the room. We brought the sea grass rug back. I borrowed lamps and things from other rooms. The plant beside the sofa is "practice". I brought it in from the hearth room. It sits on the back porch during warmer seasons. I like how it looks and will look around at Lowe's for another living plant for this space.
We moved the wine cabinet from beside the stairs and put it beneath the bird prints. The bench that was in front of the sofa, is now beside the stairs. That side of the room and the area beside the foyer is still a "staging area". Little accent tables and other things are stacked there.
On another note, the island paint decision has been made. Distressed black is the choice.
We've had a busy week with appointments, shopping to replenish the pantry and "home work". I've posted a little more than usual, this past week; fourteen for the month of January.
This is my 277th post. I'm not sure I can meet a goal of 300, by my 2nd anniversary, March 6. I like to post a couple of times a week and sometimes three.
I'm going around trying to catch up with everyone, so kind to stop by and leave comments this week. I appreciate you all so much. I love hearing from you!
We're planning a drive to our daughter's early today (Saturday). A little bird told us our grandchildren, Xanti, Gabi and Drew are sledding at Aunt Terrie and Uncle Steve's. Noah doesn't care much for sledding, just yet. We also heard Xanti has a new fella. We're hoping he'll be sledding, too.
I'll return with a post, sometime next week. We're taking the weekend off to enjoy.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!