~A Metamorphosis for the Birds~

Metamorphosis for the birds began Friday, when we rearranged the living room furniture. I wrote about it here, where you can see photos of the in progress accessorizing. We took Saturday and most of Sunday off, to catch our breath and spend some time with our grandchildren.

Sunday afternoon, the metamorphosis was complete. Once more, I shopped the house. I had a couple of ideas for what I wanted to do; it was just a matter of remembering where I stored the elements needed!

More Monday Metamorphosis, can be found at Between Naps on the Porch. Thank you for hosting this event, Susan!
The title for the post, comes from the many bird prints we have in the living room.

The print of the Labrador Retriever, beside the clock, was purchased at Nell Hill's Briarcliff (KC, Missouri). It reminded me of Molly, so of course it was meant to be in our home. The framed piece, above the "Molly" print, is a pencil sketch of our home, given to us when our home was on a Christmas home tour, in 2006.
The piece above the bench is a print of Split Rock Lighthouse (MN). After the furniture was moved the space needed something. I put the lighthouse print on the wall to see what would happen. It's pleasing to my eye, so it will definitely stay.

I added a faux orchid and three votive candles to the coffee table. When I posted photos Friday, the square plate, wine glasses and wine were the only items on the table. About that time, I ran out of accessorizing steam and decided it was time to take a rest.

Having finished the living room, I'm moving on to the back guest room, upstairs. It's time for a little change there, too. More about the makeover in the coming weeks.
There is a hidden design "secret" in the living room. The sofa table is too short for the high back of the sofa. I absolutely wanted to use it, so we found four landscaping blocks, in the garage, and placed them under the legs of the table, making sure to use something under them to protect the wood floors. With the table between the sofa and window and a strategically placed fern, the "extensions" are unseen.
The living room, as it looked in 2006. Previous to 2006, the room was painted Laura Ashley Gold 3. This was the color originally in the room, when we had our home constructed in 2003. The afternoon sun caused the color to appear muddy, therefore, we had it painted an off white, which we like so much better. We still have LA Gold 3 in other rooms of our home.

The living room during Christmas 2008.
After we removed the tree and packed away Christmas, the room looked so bare, we decided to rearrange the furniture. We added the large dark coffee table and end table, shown in the first group of photos in this post. These tables are from our lake place. We brought them home intending to paint them when the weather warms. We will take them to a car paint shop. We did this with a headboard last year and love how the finish turned out. Not wanting to store the tables in the garage, we brought them into the living room. I didn't want to spend any money for accessories, since the tables won't be staying. It was fun, shopping the house.

When we arrived home, Saturday, after spending the morning with our grandchildren and shopping with our daughter, in the afternoon, I found a package on the front porch. Not long ago I won a giveaway, hosted by Becky of Holiday in the Sun. The package, wrapped in rose paper, held layers of wonderful Valentines! A tiny plate with stand, "sugary" hearts, a towel with heart, a beautiful handmade card, with a sweet note and a heart shaped wreath. Thank you, Becky. I love every bit of it!
I won, another giveaway recently; a lovely tablescaping book. I'll post about it, this week, on Tablescape Thursday.