~Post Three Hundred & Giveaway~


When I began my journey into the land of blog two years ago, this month, I had no idea what blogging was about!

Little did I know I would publish 300 posts. I thought I might blog a few months, run out of things to write about and move on to some other interest.

It’s been an interesting journey, I hope to continue for a long time.

When I celebrated my blog anniversary, earlier this month, I asked for questions from you, my readers. I will attempt to answer those questions in this, my 300th post.

Before the answers, I want to share a few dishes and some flatware, I found the other day at Osage Beach Outlets.






threehundredthpost10Friday, I shopped Tuesday Morning and the Oneida Outlet, where I found the Spode Blue Italian 10 inch dinner plates and divided serving dish, shown in the top photo; wonderful prices! I also purchased two 20 piece sets of American Atelier Asian Toile. I think it will be beautiful in the blue dining room. I found the white dotted with blue rim coolers, shown in the flatware photo, at Tuesday Morning. After leaving TM, I went to Oneida. The store is closing, with the last day sometime in April. I found a few pieces to add to my Louisiana flatware, last time I was there. This time, the prices were dropped even more. Friday, I purchased pieces in Sharona, Brahms, Marquette & Louisiana. I mixed and matched for four place settings. I also bought seafood forks in Louisiana and a pierced dessert server, also in Louisiana. The Brahms pieces are baby spoons, to be used as demitasse spoons. I believe I’ll have lots of fun setting tables with these purchases.

~J’s Lodge~

A few photos of J’s lodge for those of you who haven’t seen it. These photos are from a May 2007 post.

threehundredthpost1Photos, in the grid, include the post card table; postcards, under glass, from family and friends. A handmade table, vintage pack basket with birch logs, a log house, made of lath from a renovated building in Historic St Charles, Missouri, are among the room’s furnishings.


The binoculars, in this vignette, once belonged to J’s great aunt. I painted the lane, that led to our home, on the farm.


The room is furnished with things J collected over a 40 year period. Many pieces have special meaning for both of us. The plant stand, in this photo, was made by my Granddad.


1. Do you have a housekeeper?

We do not have a housekeeper or cleaning service. J and I share the work.

2. Do you have formal training in decorating?

I have no formal training. I’ve learned through magazines and books. I’ve had an interest in decorating since I was a child. My first attempt at redoing a room was when I was about 15 years old. It was the bathroom in our house. Mother was very pleased with the results.

3. Runner Mom wanted to know about the Knock Out Roses and how she can grow them with her pup who likes to dig.

I’ll let Molly answer this one. Molly says, “My dad put the roses on a high narrow wall, where I can’t reach them!!! Otherwise, I might be tempted to dig around them!”

4. What camera do you use and what lenses, etc?

My camera is a Canon Rebel xti. Most of the time I use a Tamron 18-200mm lens, macro. The macro is used for close up. I borrowed granddaughter Xanti’s macro lens to do the shell photos, I framed for the hallway at the condo. I’d love to have a lens like that one. I subscribe to Photography magazine and research online. It’s an ongoing education. Classes are helpful. If you would like to see some of my photography, click the camera on my sidebar.

5. How many Knockout Rose plants are beside the steps to the back porch? Do you prune them?

There are two rose bushes beside the steps. They were planted in 2005. They are not pruned.

6. Do you still have the shutter screen on the back porch?

Yes, it’s still there, becoming more and more weathered, with each season.

7. What are the purpose of chargers in table setting?

I believe the purpose of chargers is aesthetic.

8. Where do you store the cushions, rugs and other things used on the deck at the condo?

We usually put them in the smaller of the two guest rooms, when we leave the condo. We’ll probably store the cushions under the bed over winter.

~The Giveaway~


The giveaway rules:

Leave one comment, on this post, between today, Sunday March 22 and Sunday March 29th.

I’ll choose by Random Number, Monday March 30th and announce the winner, that day.

The book, The Hard Way, is a pass along book. When you have read the book, please sign it and pass it to someone else to read and pass along. The other items are a tea for two set, napkins, note cards and stickers.

Thank you for visiting the Back Porch, over the past two years. I truly appreciate your visits, comments and e-mails. It’s been wonderful getting to know you!

***This is my first attempt, using Windows Live Writer, for blog posting. It's a learning process. I like this option.

Thanks to Rhoda of Southern Hospitality for telling me about Windows Live Writer.