~School Days Memories & Salmon Patties~

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I had no idea what Salmon Croquettes were nor did I even know what Salmon was, when we moved to Texas at the end of my 3rd elementary school year, in 1952. I soon found out, though.
Salmon Croquettes were served, in the school cafeteria, on many Fridays. Besides the Salmon; mashed potatoes, dipped with an ice cream scoop and hollowed out in the center, for a spoonful of peas and white bread with butter, were also served with this wonderful meal. My condiment of choice for Salmon Croquettes was ketchup. I loved Salmon Croquette Fridays.
With that memory in mind, I prepared Salmon Patties, for this week's Foodie Friday. With no ketchup in the refrigerator, I had to resort to cocktail sauce, today. It's okay, but just not the same as plain old ketchup, for Salmon Patties.
~Salmon Patties~
1 14 ounce can pink Salmon
2 eggs
3/4 cup plain bread crumbs or crushed saltine crackers
1/4 cup white onion, finely chopped (scallions can also be used)
1 tablespoon fresh parsley, chopped (optional)
Remove any bones from the Salmon. Using a fork, mash the Salmon, then add eggs, slightly beaten. Add onion, bread crumbs and parsley. Mix well and form into patties. Heat a small amount of oil in a skillet. Brown patties over medium heat, turning once.
I tried a new recipe for Strawberry Shortcake, today. The recipe is in the April 2009 issue of Country Living Magazine.
I taste tested the shortcake and found it quite good. The berries I used were not quite ripe enough to produce much juice. I'll mash them with a potato masher, to bring out more juice, when I prepare a dish for J, this evening.
"The Pork Chop Incident, or Flaming Pork Chop Disaster"
During over 50 years of cooking, I've had many disasters, in the kitchen. When Michael mentioned this Friday's "theme" would be food mishaps or bloopers, it was difficult to choose just one. In the end, I decided The Pork Chop Incident would be perfect. The disaster happened over 40 years ago. The kitchen stove was a small gas model, with the broiler beneath the oven. Pork Chops were on the menu one evening. I placed them in the broiler and was preparing other dishes, when I was distracted by one of the young'uns. It seemed only a second when I saw smoke pouring from the broiler. I slid open the door and was surprised by Flaming Pork Chops!! I solved the dilemma, promptly, by grabbing the Morton's Salt. You know the one....When it Rains it Pours. I was certainly happy to find out that slogan was absolutely true. We had a veggie supper, that night. I didn't prepare another thing in that broiler, I was so traumatized!!
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