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Tuesday was a beautiful day in the Ozarks.  As you might have guessed, by now, I’m just a tad partial to the Ozarks and believe any day in the Ozarks is beautiful.

We drove through Lake of the Ozarks State Park, where I took lots of photos of the beautiful Dogwood, in bloom.  The Dogwood is the official Missouri State Tree.

As I was traipsing into the woods, taking photos here and there, J waited in the car.  Two park rangers stopped to ask if we needed help. They smiled when we told them what we were up to.

The white Dogwood Trees, shown in these photos, grow in the wild all across Missouri.  Our drive, to the condo, takes us through the state park.  That drive is one of the reasons we bought the condo. Another reason can be seen in the photos of the lake, in this post.The pink Dogwood, at the end of this post, is a part of the landscaping at our condo complex.  The lake photos were also taken near our little getaway place.

This post is my gift to my old school friend, Aunt Pittypat.  Not long ago, Pat, who lives in northern Wisconsin, requested a few photos of the Missouri Dogwood, in bloom. 

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Thank you all for coming by the Back Porch. I appreciate your visits and comments.  I hope to get back to regular visiting, this week. Life is good and also pretty busy, lately!