~Three Chairs and a Desk~


It was love at first sight, when I saw this little chair at a country auction, several years ago. It reminds me of the chairs in Sunday School, when I was a child. I call this chair the “Baby Dumpling” chair. Do you remember Baby Dumpling from Blondie and Dagwood comics and movies? It seems to me, when Baby Dumpling had time out….ummm….sat in a corner, he was in a chair very much like this one.



I have a photo of our eldest granddaughter Xanti, sitting in this chair, when she was about 18 months old.  I can’t believe she will be 19 next month!

While visiting my mother, in southwest Missouri, 20 or so years ago, we were out driving in the country when we happened upon a garage sale.  One of the items we brought home that day, was this little rocker.  I don’t know it’s age.  I imagine it must be around 100 years old, just because of the style and the way it’s put together.

We had a carload of treasures to bring home that weekend.  The top of the trunk was the only place we found for the chair. J carefully strapped the chair, upright, to the trunk.  All we needed was Granny, sitting in the chair, and we would have looked like the Clampett’s on their way to Beverly Hills!  Needless to say, we had lots of odd looks as we drove along Interstate 44 (formerly known as Rte 66, the Mother Road).

Other than covering the seat, the chair is as it was, the day we bought it. 




I had looked, here and there, for a small school desk, for a few years, when my sister’s husband found this one, around 1970.  It came from southwest Missouri.  The Ozarks is a treasure trove in many ways!  I found the chair about 20 years later.The 3 chairs and desk are in our hearth room; ready and waiting for our grandchildren to enjoy.

The rug, in the desk photo, is a flat weave Soumac, I purchased on E-bay a few years ago.  The flooring is ceramic tile, from Mohawk. The wall color is Laura Ashley Gold #3 (Lowe’s).


The weekend was rainy. Sunday morning, there was a fairly heavy fog.  I took these photos, around 7AM. 

The photo above was taken from the back porch, toward the vacant lot, next door.  The photo below, is a corner of the front yard and the clump River Birch.



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