~Strawberry Crush Ice Cream Soda & Other Pinks~


This photo of Crape Myrtle, growing at Lake of the Ozarks, has been enhanced in Photoscape and X3Photo Image . I downloaded a trial of Photo Image; interesting.

It’s time for Pink Saturday, hosted by Beverly of How Sweet the Sound.



Strawberry Crush Ice Cream Soda

Even though the drink is more red than pink, the straw qualifies for Pink Saturday.


Strawberry Crush Soda

Vanilla Ice Cream (2 or 3 scoops)

Whipped Cream

Strawberry for garnish

This drink was J’s. After he mixed the ice cream and whipped cream together with the Strawberry Crush, it was almost the color of the straw.  It disappeared so fast, I was not able to get a photo!


Just Peachy! A peach is pink…..right?

This is a tiny hint of my Foodie Friday offering for next week.

Calhoun County Illinois peaches are here! We look forward to these delicious peaches, every summer.

We’re on our way to the farmer’s market, here in town, this afternoon, hoping to find “real tomatoes” and other summertime foods.

Have a wonderful weekend!