~Taking a Break~

taking a break

As difficult as it was to tear ourselves away from the beautiful Ozarks, we decided it was time to come home.

As the photo shows, I am back at the little black desk, in the hearth room.

The trailing plant is an amazing Pothos, that began life in a tiny Wal-mart container, 4 or so years ago.  It’s still in the original container and sits in the basket of an iron plant stand.

I considered getting together a table post and/or  foodie post. And thought about a pink post, to complete this week. But after careful consideration, I chose to take a few days “down time” and step back from the computer.

I have a makeover thought or two, in mind. One of which was accomplished a couple of years ago. If I get around to it, I’ll have it ready for the next Met Monday.  I think you might like it. It has something to do with “millwork” or “trim” or something like that.

I’ll celebrate a birthday, over the weekend.  It’s amazing how time flies. I still, pretty much, feel like I did 40 years ago. How could I possibly be 66, already!!

I’ll be back sometime next week, with stories and photos, as usual.

As always, thank you all so much for your kind support of the Back Porch. I read and appreciate each and every comment and e-mail.

Enjoy the rest of the week and have a fantabulous weekend.

Pat, J, & Molly, too!