~Blue Table, Set For Two~




A simple table, set for lunch, on the back porch, is my contribution for Tablescape Thursday, hosted by Susan of Between Naps on the Porch.


Have you had the pleasure of visiting Corey Amaro?

Corey, who lives in France, tells the most wonderful stories of her life there. Her photography is amazing.

The other day, I stopped by to see what was happening in Corey’s life. She and her husband were traveling Eastern Europe.

One day, along the way, they stopped for lunch at a wonderful cafe, where they ordered a vegetable pizza. Corey’s photograph has convinced me to try making the pizza.

The table was simply set. Flatware was laced over napkins. I attempted that idea for today’s table.

I hope you will stop by Tongue in Cheek, Corey’s blog. The post, I mentioned, can be found HERE. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.


Fresh flowers in a small bucket, hanging from a garden tool hook, on the shutter screen.


I couldn’t resist the gorgeous Sunflowers, I found at Kroger.



In a previous post, I talked about moving the round table from the back porch. It is painted and ready to be moved into our room, as the makeover continues.

That project left us with no table, for dining on the back porch.

I remembered the table, shown below, being used in the studio. We purchased it, at a farm auction, during the 1980’s. It was covered with dark varnish. The drawer knob shows the original color. The table was stripped and refinished. We used it in our small kitchen, at the farm and other rooms, through the years.




Always, in the back of my mind, was the thought of painting the table. I bought a sample of Sherwin Williams Halcyon Green and the table makeover began. After the paint was very dry, I sanded the table, in places where normal wear would occur.

It makes the perfect table for two, in front of the wicker settee, on the back porch.


We’re on our way to Lake of the Ozarks, for a couple of days.

I just learned, the lake is number 4, for healthy beaches in the US. I know staying at our little retreat, there, is definitely good for us!