~Decorating/Accessorizing Walls~




I used Walgreen’s online to order several prints of the sunflower photos, I took last week.  One print was done in 8x10.  I found the frame at Marshall’s and removed the existing print.  The cost of this wall accessory was under $20. 

The framed photo, above the sunflower, is a view of Mackinac Bridge (Michigan), by photographer Nancy May.


Furnishing and accessorizing our condo, at the lake, is an ongoing project. 

Because the condo is our 2nd home, we definitely want to stay on a good budget. 

Over the years, I’ve tried a couple of arrangements, on the wall over the sofa.  I wanted a unique look, in keeping with the waterside, without spending much. 

I found a calendar of wooden boat pictures and decided a grid, using the 12 pages of the calendar and inexpensive frames, from Michael’s, fit my plan perfectly.  The result was this thrifty grid, a mosaic of another kind.



In other areas, of the condo, I’ve used my own photography to accent the walls.  One of several sources, I’ve used for printing, is Walgreens, where prints start at 19 cents each.

A Walgreen’s, located in Osage Beach, makes it convenient, when I need printing, while at the lake.




The photos, in the foyer of our condo, were taken by me.  They depict scenes around the lake.  Again, I used inexpensive Michael’s frames.

I took a few photos of shells, printed and framed them for the inside hallway.  In the background of one of the above photos, you see another of my matted and framed photos.

Experiment with photography. Take lots of shots and use any of the free, user friendly editing programs, available, and shop Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and other stores for inexpensive frames and mats.  Your walls will have a unique and personal touch.

Remember calendars anytime during the year, but especially toward the end of the year, when they are marked down.

Stop by Rhoda’s each Monday, for wonderful ideas for accessorizing your home, with thrifty treasures.


I’m also participating in Mosaic Monday, sponsored by Mary of Little Red House. 

As I type, it is early Saturday morning, we are preparing to return home, from the lake. 

We’re getting together, with our family, for a benefit Trivia Night, this evening.  Looking forward to a great time!

Enjoy your weekend!