~Dog “n” Suds~

dognsuds20 Roadside Memories

Modern day Sonic Drive-in is somewhat like the drive-ins I remember from the 1950’s. Dog “n” Suds was just such a drive-in, located in O’Fallon, Missouri, when my children were small. We went to Dog “n” Suds, now and then, for wonderful root beer floats.

Friday, we decided to have hot dogs, for lunch. I thought I would make the meal a tad more special.

I rummaged around behind J’s bar and found baskets and Dog “n” Suds mugs. My plan began to grow.

I mixed up a batch of Coney sauce, heated a couple of hot dogs (Hebrew National), found a bag of shredded mild cheddar in the fridge and chopped a Vidalia onion.

Our beverage was a cold and frosty root beer float.


Can colorful baskets, vintage mugs, a ‘57 Chevy and car books be called a tablescape? I believe so! Lunch was served on the back porch.







Vern’s Malt Shop was located next to the Lyric Theatre, in my old hometown. I can still remember the aroma of Vern’s extra special, nothing else like them, Coney Islands; also known as Chili Dogs, Vern’s were always called Coney’s. My cousin worked at Vern’s when she was in high school.

I make a fairly decent Coney sauce, but I’ve never quite perfected Vern’s. A classmate, who worked at Vern’s, in his teens, figured out the secret. A few years ago, at a class reunion, he prepared Vern’s C.I.’s.

dognsuds13 dognsuds14


Another version of “Tea for Two”.

Find out more about Dog “n” Suds, HERE. I learned there is only one location in Missouri.

The following is how I prepare Chili Dogs/Coney Islands. There are many variations of Coney Sauce, including the original from Coney Island. How do you make yours?

1 lb. ground sirloin browned with 1/2 cup chopped onion

2 tablespoons mustard

1 small can tomato sauce

1/2 cup water

3/4 cup brown sugar (light)

1.5 teaspoon chili powder

All beef hotdogs

Hotdog buns

Chopped sweet onion and shredded cheese for topping.


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Thank you, ladies, for being so gracious!



Do you remember the dresser and chest we bought at a yard sale a couple months ago? Work has begun on a makeover. The first coat of paint has been applied to the dresser; Sherwin Williams Front Porch. A very subtle blue/gray. The hardware is now a dark brown, awaiting a metallic bronze accent. We hope to finish the dresser, this week. The chest is being used in my closet. It won’t be painted, at this time.


Our three year old grandson is spending the weekend, with us. He has been getting lots of exercise. We are getting plenty of exercise, too!

We’re all enjoying this weekend!