~Come Sit On Our Porch~


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Once again, we are having lunch, on our back porch.

I moved the wicker settee over beside the shutters and dressed it in a quilt, linen, embroidered shams and a sunflower pillow.

The table is set with vintage luncheon cloth and napkins, white platters, small clear glass bowls, a mix of flatware, bee glasses, J’s mother’s cardinal napkin rings and Target S&P’s.

The centerpiece consists of a cake plate, with lemons under a cloche and a small white pitcher, filled with flowers from our gardens.







lunchonporch8A lunchonporch9A


The menu includes tuna salad filled pita pockets, veggie chips, tomatoes and iced tea.

The photo shows 2 servings.


Pat’s Tuna Salad

2 5 ounce cans solid white Albacore, in water. I used Bumble Bee.

1/2 cup chopped sweet onion

2 ribs celery, chopped

2 tablespoons relish or chopped gherkins

2 or 3 hardboiled eggs, grated

2 heaping tablespoons light mayo

Drain and crumble tuna, add remaining ingredients, mix well. Serve in pita pockets, croissants or bread of your choice.


J has a bit of a medical issue, at the moment. We are confident it will be resolved soon. He underwent a scan and MRI of his head and neck, yesterday. We’ll proceed, to the next step, when the results are known.

Some of you know J, in real life, as well as here at the Back Porch and know what his history is. He doesn’t allow anything to get the best of him. We’ll muddle through this little bump, just fine.

While waiting for test results, etc. we continue to work on a little project, here and there. Hope to post about these things, soon.

I added this little note here, because, as I was preparing this post, I noticed it seems all I write about is table setting and food, lately! I’ll be back to a more varied blog, soon. Meanwhile, we are enjoying these little teas and lunches, I’m putting together.

Don’t forget to stop by the two Susan’s and Michael’s, this week!