~A Front Door Wreath & Answers~

FallWreath5A  FallWreath4



Summer 2009, here in northeast Missouri, has been so surprisingly pleasant, I’m afraid we have been spoiled!

More seasonal temperatures are expected, over the weekend, with 90’s predicted, reminding us summer is still very much with us! 

In the meantime, I’ve noticed a change in the sky.  The golden light of autumn is beginning to be seen, here.  Although I know, realistically, we still have many warm days ahead, I am in the mood for autumn, my absolute favorite time of year.

Taking a chance on being caught rushing the season, I put together a wreath with autumnal colors.  I placed it on the front door, for photos, before putting it away, until more fall like days, in late September.

To hang the wreath, on the glass door, I used a suction hook, found at Lowe’s or Wal-mart.

Flowers, wreath and ribbon, from Michael’s.  The ribbon is Christmas ribbon. The Black Eyed Susan’s and others were on an end cap, marked 1.99. Couldn’t resist!


The door color is Midnight Green.  I can’t remember the brand of paint. I believe I found the chip at The Home Depot.  I wanted the shade of green that is almost black; similar to the dark green I call Charleston (SC) Green.



J’s physician called, Tuesday afternoon, with the results of the head scan and MRI.  We are grateful for good news!  J will not need to see a neurosurgeon, after all.  He will begin physical therapy, as soon as we receive the orders, via the postal service.   

Apparently, the ailment is the same J had before, when his left arm atrophied.  After PT, that arm was completely rehabilitated.  This time, the right side of his neck is involved.  Fortunately, there is an excellent physical therapist right here in town.

We thank you all for your prayers and thoughts, this week.  We truly appreciate your love and concern.

A reader asked if we set the table and have meals, as it appears, here at the Back Porch, or if the scapes and meals are done for the blog. 

We definitely have our meals and set the table, just as you see here, at the Back Porch.  Cloth napkins, crockery and such, are used whether we have a meal on our back porch, deck or indoors; when we are home or at the lake. 

I have all those dishes and linens and decided a long time ago, why save these things for special events. I might as well use them and make every meal an event.

A Preview:

The yard sale dresser project is almost complete.  I’ll take photos and write about it, for this coming Sunday’s blog post. 

The dresser project has led to a couple other projects, all linked to the master suite. More about that, during the next few weeks.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Enjoy your weekend!