~Autumn, Then & Now~

mosaicpic7a Hedge Row, October 2008

Hauntingly serene view of hedge and hedge apples.

october19mosaic Present/past photo mosaic, for Mosaic Monday, October 19, 2009. Stop by Mary’s Little Red House, each Monday, for beautiful mosaics, all around the land of blog.

mosaicpic8A Big Cedar Resort entrance, October, 2008.

As I prepare this post, early Sunday morning, October 19, we are having our second day of glorious sunshine, for this weekend. 

It took me a minute to recognize the glowing orb, in the sky, Saturday morning.  I don’t know how much rain we’ve had, but it was a lot!  It’s nice to see the sun again.  I think I was beginning to feel the affects of the seasonal depression that usually reveals itself during winter!

We are taking advantage of this beautiful sunny Sunday.  A drive through the country is planned for this afternoon.  I’ll have my trusty, almost like new, camera.

Enjoy your week!