Top Projects 2009


I chose five home projects, from 2009, to add to Rhoda’s Before and After event, Top Projects 2009.

Project #1…began in January, with an island dream.





After the cabinet was sanded, the doors and drawers were removed and a tinted primer was applied, followed by two coats of oil based black paint.

makeover1D The project also included a new light fixture over the island.

Having the island a different color than cabinets is a debatable issue. There are different thoughts and ideas on the subject.

I thought about changing the color, from the stained hickory, for quite awhile before taking the step.  I tend to decorate with styles and things I love, rather than going with trends or fads.  There are several accents of black, in the kitchen/breakfast room.  A year after having painted the island, I am happy to say, I still love the look and painting was the right decision.

The color of the cabinets are not as orange as they appear in these photos. They are a softer tint and in a style that fits well with the style of our kitchen, subway tiles and manmade counters. 

I added a small chest type table, where I store table lines, at the end of the island.  It is also in black.

The table was purchased online, during a JC Penney Wednesday Deal special.  It was marked from $399.99 down to $89.99.  Certainly not a fine piece of furniture or delicious antique, but it serves the purpose and the price was right.


To read more about the island makeover, click HERE.

Project #2…the powder room was completed during April ‘09.

powderroommakeover6 Before: The paint is Ralph Lauren Long John Red.  The room has a traditional feel.

powder13[10] After: Paint color Sherwin Williams Mink helps give the room a more casual look.  The color is closer to a charcoal grey, than shows in the photos.

The paint was leftover from a project at our lake place.

powderroommakeover5  powderroommakeover3 This makeover story continues HERE.

Project #3

The purchase of a small dresser, at a garage sale, began a master suite makeover.  The French Provincial style dresser, most often seen in children’s rooms, was $25.  After sanding, a primer was applied, followed by satin latex in Sherwin Williams Front Porch.

makeover2 Before


makeover2B During the project, the hardware was spray painted dark brown and a patina applied with rub ‘n buff patina, burnt umber and metallic gold artists color and craft paint.




After makeover2F The makeover complete, the dresser sits at the foot of the master bedroom bed.

We liked SW Front Porch so much, we painted the bathroom in that color.  The walls in the bedroom are SW Antique White.  The rug is Dash and Albert.  Bird prints are calendar pages.

At the same time, we painted the round table, also.


Project #4…An oak school teachers desk and chair.  The desk and chair were purchased, from a school, when my daughters were in elementary school, during the 1970’s, and used through high school and college.  It was in our daughter’s home until about two years ago, when she brought it to our home.  It sat in our garage, until last summer, when we decided to sand it and send it to an auto body shop for painting, in oil base satin black.  The paint is Benjamin Moore. I don’t recall the actual name of the shade.

makeover3 Before




Project #5…a mini makeover of a guest room began with the purchase of a comforter, 75% off, at Target.

I added this 2009 makeover, to the post, as an afterthought.  There was no real work involved, in the redo. Shopping the house for a few things, the purchase of the comforter and shams, plus pillows, and the bird prints, above the bed,kept the cost at a minimum.

The paint color is Laura Ashley Gold #3. This room was painted 6 years ago, at the time our home was constructed.



As usual, with our room redo’s, the bedding, pillows, accessories, and a few furniture pieces were moved to other rooms, in our home, or passed along to one of the children; making way for “new” pieces, borrowed from other rooms.





I bought blue and white knobs, to replace the brass knobs on the closet doors, at Hobby Lobby, 50% off.




AmakeoverA4The lined roman shades and panels were replaced by bamboo and sheer white panels. A wing chair was brought in from another room.



The bathroom, after.  This is a pass thru bathroom.  It is also accessed from the hallway.  The original color was a dark olive; one of the Laura Ashley olives.  I believe it was #5.  J repainted the room in Laura Ashley Gold #1, mixed in Kilz, from Wal-Mart.

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Just a footnote…..that little rooster lamp certainly makes the rounds of the kitchen area, doesn’t it?