~Something Old-Something New on the Back Porch~

Something Old artichokeanniesI

Wine and cheese lunch, on a summer day.


I’m making notes for our back porch, 2010.

Some of the photos, seen in this post, are views of the porch during past years.


 Summer 2008


 Spring 2007


Summer 2009


Fall 2009 

artichokeannies9The first photo published at Back Porch Musings, March 6, 2007. This was how our back porch looked during 2006.

The camera, I used, was a Kodak P850.  That was the camera I dropped at Mary Carol Garrity’s Nell Hill’s in Atchison Kansas, May 2008.  The accident led to our garage sale, that Fall. The proceeds from that sale were used to purchase my Canon Rebel Xti.

Something New 


We were in this town to do a little business, Thursday. 

As usual, we took a detour and made a day trip adventure out of what, otherwise, might have been a routine day.

Rather than take our regular route home, via hwy 54 to I-70, we drove hwy 63, toward Columbia.

artichokeanniesDPlease ignore windshield grime. It’s been one of those winters. 

On this day, the weather was perfect, the sky was blue and snow was all but gone.


When we arrived in Columbia, we entered Interstate 70 East.  It wasn’t long until we reached Exit 137 and Artichoke Annie’s Antique Mall.


This was our first visit to Artichoke Annie’s.  Next time, we are taking the truck.

J had a KC meeting, Thursday evening, so our time at the antique mall was limited.  We will plan for more time when we visit again. 

I managed to find a little something for our back porch.



I believe the shutters may have been red, in another time.  No repairs will be done.  The shutters will be used, as they are.

We’re trying them in the corner by the back porch fireplace.  Perhaps with the addition of a fern or a piece of garden art and pots of flowers.


We found these penciled words on the back of the shutters.

Can you see them on the window of a cottage?

Have a wonderful weekend!