~A Floral Invitation~


 These photos are a hint of what will be seen at Back Porch Musings, beginning Monday.

I hope to add floral photos to each of my usual posts, during the week.

Saturday, we attended the Orchid Show, at Missouri Botanical Garden, Saint Louis.

I took over 200 photos, using my Canon Rebel Xti and added a few to this post.

  J took just about as many with the Canon G11.  I haven’t downloaded the G11 photos, as of Saturday evening. I reviewed them and can say, J captured wonderful photos.  I plan to work on getting more photos ready, Sunday.

As you can imagine, the Orchid Show was absolutely breathtaking. 

We were delighted to see the Camellias in bloom, also. 

We walked through the Climatron and strolled the outdoor Garden.  Here and there, we saw hints of Spring.


 Words cannot describe these gorgeous flowers. I don’t know how many different varieties of Orchids were represented in the show. I do know, we enjoyed each and every one.

If you recognize an orchid, in these photos or the ones next week and you know the name, please let me know.  I was so busy getting photos, I didn’t get information. 

I’m truly excited about all the photos we were able to bring home.




Be sure to stop by Back Porch Musings, during the week, to see more of these amazing flowers.

Meanwhile, I’m linking to Mary’s Mosaic Monday. Please visit, for beautiful Mosaics around the land of blog.

The photos in the next posts will be single photos, rather than mosaics.