~Time for Change~


live17 The vintage bowl, with cow cover, was a gift from a sister in law.  The platter belonged to a longtime neighbor, at the farm.  It shows the wear of being lovingly used, through many years.

live5 I was beginning to develop a who cares attitude toward this room.  I’ve tried different arrangements of furniture.  Traded furniture with other rooms.  Changed rugs and accessories, but never arrived at just what I want, until last week.

This new look, still in progress, is pleasing to my eye.  As the change progresses, I’ll post more photos.


 This cabinet was brought in from the hearth room.  It has a completely different style than other pieces in the living room.  I like the look of the mix.

The door, to the left of the cabinet, was salvaged by our friend Greg, of All About Home.  I had no idea how I would use the door, when I brought it home. I just knew I liked it. I'm using it as a frame, of sorts, for a few plates and platters.  I need to find some of those plate hangers that attach to the back of plates.

For some time now, I’ve wanted to tie the living room in with the hearth room.  I believe I’ve achieved this, with the addition of the cabinet and door frame, along with a few more changes.



 Books and a cloche, covering a compote of shells, sit on a round table.  The back porch, in winter, is seen through the window.


 Friday, February 19, is the date of Marty’s Cloche Party.  In honor of the party, I’ve added several cloches, here and there, for this post.


J’s grandmother’s watch is seen, within a dome, under a small cloche.


The living room, before.  I wanted to make the room seem brighter, when I did this rearrange, a year ago.

The wine cabinet remains in the same location.  The coffee table and side table are stored away, for the time being.

The bird prints remain. 

This makeover was a matter of furniture rearranging.


The gold striped chair and ottoman were moved to a guest room.  The wing chair, formerly in that room, now sits in the living room.  I’ve considered moving the sofa to this end of the living room, before, but this is the first time I’ve actually tried it. I like it.

The other chair, in the photo, was brought in from the master bedroom.  I’m still deciding whether to keep it here.

Vignettes will change periodically.


 A cloche of wine corks sits on a small cake plate.


The goal was to lighten the room and give it a more relaxed feel, without spending money, if possible.  I believe the goal was met. 


Lilac Standards offer a reminder of Spring.  The photo was taken at the Conservatory, on Historic South Main, Saint Charles, Missouri, a couple of years ago.


Please stop by Marty’s Friday, for the party.