~Grocery Store Dishes~



 We stopped at Dierberg’s, a family owned supermarket, in the St Louis area, Saturday morning. Our mission; strawberries and chocolate. 

We were on our way to spend the day with a couple of g’kiddo’s. After playing in what was left of the snow, they chocolate dipped strawberries, bananas and pretzels.  They had fun and so did we.

While at Dierberg’s, I made an impulse purchase.  I don’t know how it happened!  As I rounded the corner, heading for checkout, right there in front of me was a display of Blue Willow Churchill.  What was I to do.  I picked up one of the serving pieces and looked it over.  As any good dish “collector” does, I turned it over to see what I could see.  The serving piece showed it was made in England.  I thought about it for awhile about two seconds, then placed several three piece place settings in the basket and away I sped to checkout, before I could change my mind; like that would ever happen!

Our nearest Dierberg’s is about 14 miles from here. 

Miss Gabilicious returned home with us, for a few days.  We pass several Dierberg’s markets, between here and Gabi’s home.  I might have to pay the store a visit when we take Miss G home, later this week.

If you live in the St Louis area and have a Dierberg’s nearby and love dishes as much as I do, you might want to stop in and have a look at these grocery store dishes. There are some minor flaws, that you have to really look to see.  At the price of $3.99 per 3 piece setting, I can live with a flaw or two.  The 3 pc sets are marked made in Colombia. 

My Aunt Helen had Blue Willow.  Seeing the dishes brought back memories of having spaghetti at Aunt Helen and Uncle Ernie’s, on Blue Willow plates.  We’re having dinner, in the dining room, today.  The meal is spaghetti, served on the new plates.

churchill6 churchill4


I wrote about J’s mother’s grocery store dishes, Wedgewood Countryside, last year, in this post.


It’s snowing again, this morning, here in NE Missouri.  As I prepare this post, G’pa J, Gabilicious and Molly are playing in the snow.  Our only sled is a very old “vintage” flexible flyer, just the right size for Gabi.  More snow is predicted for this evening.