~Winter Watercolors~



Northeast missouri outdoor wednesday


snow1 Monday (yesterday) evening, we received more snow.  The sun was shining, this morning, when I took these photos of an evergreen, beside our back porch.

I used the Canon Rebel Xti, set on Raw and on P or Program Mode, with Manual Focus enabled.

The photos were edited in Photoscape, using Pictorialization, in Water Painting mode to create the effect, shown below. Pictorialization is found under the Filter option.

I altered each of the photos, in this post, using Photoscape.


Even though many of us are tired of winter and the weather it brings, it’s here with us, at least another 5 weeks.  Therefore, I decided to make the best of it, playing in the snow.

I suppose I should have been baking Valentine cupcakes or finishing the living room rearrange, but when I saw the sun, I just had to take a few outdoor photos.


This photo was altered, using the Watercolor Pencil effect, in Photoscape Pictorialization.

snow2   snow6

Colored Pencil effect, Pictorialization in Photoscape.


 I’ll get those cupcakes baked tomorrow and finish the furniture moving, while visiting, during Outdoor Wednesday, at Susan’s.