~Byways of I-70 and Other Tales~






I practiced with my camera, on the back porch, Thursday morning. 

We have the paint for the wicker chest and hope to have it painted by Monday.  The wind is very strong, today.  Rain is expected over the weekend.  We may just bring the chest indoors for  painting.  I can’t wait to get it finished and on the back porch.


In the meantime, while we wait for the paint to dry…photos and collages of photos I took at Crane’s Store, Williamsburg, Missouri, where we stopped on our way home, from the lake, Wednesday afternoon.

As you know, we firmly believe in leaving the busy interstate highways and exploring the countryside.

  Wednesday morning we stopped in Holts Summit, just outside Jefferson City, Missouri.  Aunt Ruth “needed” to see what there is to see at Calena’s Fashions.  Of course, I agreed with her. What a wonderful shop! If you travel highway 54, north of I-70, be sure to stop at Calena’s, if you haven’t before and if you have, you may want to stop again. Aunt Ruth and I had a great time exploring Calena’s, while J and Molly went for a walk.  We found a couple of things we “needed” and brought them home with us.

Our next stop was Apple Wagon Antiques and Home Decor, east of Kingdom City, on I-70. Remember my quest for a gate to complete the vignette over the hearth room fireplace?  Found one, or at least a section of decorative fence that sort of resembles a gate.  I’ll post a photo when I have it in place above the mantel. 



The antiques in the museum are not for sale. 

Crane’s store is located off Interstate 70, at Williamsburg, MO.  These photos show only a small sampling of the antiques and memorabilia found there. 

There is a an antique shop, plus a gift shop, the museum, Carhartt Clothing and a restaurant in the building.  There is another Crane’s store nearby.

We had lunch at Marlene’s Restaurant, located inside Crane’s.  Our orders were; a Cheese Burger, for J, a Bratwurst Sandwich, for Aunt Ruth and a Reuben Sandwich, for me.  As I looked across the counter, I saw a malt mixing machine.  Yes, indeed, you can have a real malt at Marlene’s, mixed in a stainless cup, just like the good ol’ days, and served in a glass ice cream soda glass. I simply had to have one of those malts.  J had a Root Beer Float.  Aunt Ruth’s drink was a frosty glass of Root Beer.


Pat’s Chocolate Malt

Some of the tables and chairs are formica and chrome.  It was almost like sitting in a 1950’s kitchen.  There was a red and grey formica and chrome table, in our home, when I was a teenager.

Visit Crane’s Museum online Here.

This is my third post, in a week, with the first post of the week published last Saturday.  As I mentioned, in the previous post, I think this arrangement will work well for me.  However, since my decision to do only three posts per week, my mind is swimming with ideas!



JoAnn and Patty


These photos were e-mailed, from JoAnn, to our high school e-mail group.  I thought you would like to see these photos after seeing the photo of us at Bennett Spring Lodge in the previous post.

Have a wonderful weekend!