~Back Porch Spring-Summer 2010~




Back Porch Dresser Before

I shopped for inexpensive furniture pieces, when we purchased the condo, seven years ago.  I was able to find accessories and furniture, in a sort of British Colonial style, to furnish and accessorize our room, without spending much.  One of the pieces was this dresser, found at Big Lots.  A small matching bedside chest was purchased at the same time.  The cost, for both pieces, was just at $100.00. I’m still considering whether to use the smaller chest on the back porch.

I changed the look, of the condo bedroom, to a lighter more coastal feel.  We moved the dresser to the deck, where it sat all last Summer, Fall and Winter. It looked great on the deck, but turned into a cluttered catchall for minnow buckets, nets and other fishing gear.


I make small changes to our back porch, each season.  When I was thinking about what direction I would take the porch, this Spring, I remembered the dresser.  I thought my idea over and made the decision to bring the dresser home and paint it white.  I found the colorful knobs at Hobby Lobby, 50% off and purchased eight, for the dresser, at a total of $12.  I picked up a gallon of white paint, at Lowe’s, in a satin finish. I hope this finish will make it a little easier to clean the dresser of dust and pollen.



The cushions for the chair and settee are from Lowe’s. The pillows were found at Home Goods.



There will be more photos of the back porch, throughout the Spring/Summer seasons.  We tend to have our meals on the back porch, warm weather temperatures permitting.




A little back porch reading…

I’m adding this post to Today’s Thrifty Treasures, at Rhoda’s Southern Hospitality.


The dresser was something I already owned, for several years.  I used inexpensive paint and 50% off knobs from Hobby Lobby, for a thrifty makeover.


The shell lamp is from Marshall’s, Osage Beach, the butterfly was purchased at Screen Porch, Asheville North Carolina, a few years ago. It is made from salvaged metal and wood.  The frame holds a photo of back porch flowers in years past.