~Garden Art & Wandering~

garden art 2


The garden with its little gate of green,
Invites you to enter, and view mysteries unseen,
Its vine laden bowers and overhanging trees,
The air filled with sweetness, the hum of the bees,
The flagged walks with Iris galore,
Of most beautiful coloring, unknown before,
Pink, white, purple, yellow, azure blue,
Mixed and mingled of every hue,
You come away wondering, can more beauty be seen
Than in the garden with its little gate of green.



Macro of yellow Columbine, shot with the Canon G11 PowerShot.

Iris and Columbine, and other flowers (even weeds) are garden art. I’ve been looking for another kind of garden art for over three years. When we were in town, the other day, I spied two bikes in front of a new shop. The proprietor is a restorer of bicycles, old and new.

One thing led to another; one of the bikes hopped into the back of the truck and came home with us.

garden art A

The bike is very similar to the bike I had when I was growing up.  Mine was blue and had a basket. 

As you can see, from the photos, it’s raining again in northeast Missouri. 

Sunshine is predicted for Saturday. If the prediction proves to be reality, I’ll find a spot, in the gardens, for my “new” bike/garden art and take a photo or two.

Bike photos were done with Canon Rebel Xti: F4-400 ISO, using the Tameron 18-200 lens. 

We are wandering Friday and over the weekend. 

If all goes according to plan, I will be back Sunday, with a story or two.

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

garden art 3