~Thrifty Treasures~


My contribution for Today’s Thrifty Treasures is a trip to the 2009 Saint Charles Friends of the Library Book Fair. Books are true treasures.

We attend the event every year. Table after table of donated books are available for sale, at bargain prices. Proceeds benefit the library.

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This is also my contribution for Diane’s 2nd Time Around Tuesday.


G’pa J and Xanti at the 2007 book fair. That was the year we dragged accompanied J to Miss Aimee B’s Tea Room for lunch, after the book fair.

book1 I took my beautiful Raised in Cotton bag, thinking one bag would be plenty. After taking the filled bag to the car twice, J decided we needed more containers! The Whole Foods bags were quickly filled, too! I think we should look for a laundry cart, or something similar, at the garage sales, before the 2010 book fair.

book2 Hardcover $2



book5 When J and I finished making our selections, we went to the lobby, where there are several comfortable chairs. I was carrying the above book, when we sat down. An elderly lady, sitting in one of the chairs, asked about the book. I’m sure my carrying that book was meant to be. She told us her own amazing dog story. The extra special animal gave the woman and her husband many happy days. Meeting her and hearing her story was a wonderful bonus to our book fair day.

book6 Mysteries, to keep me busy.

book7 Paperbacks @ 50 cents each.

book9This was my only purchase in the special section. This book was $5. J has lived near the Mississippi River all of his life and I have for most of mine. I believe we will enjoy these stories, very much.



Lunch after the book fair, this year, was at Panera’s, with eldest daughter Terrie, who also made several purchases at the fair.

We’re at the lake, as you can see by the window and shutters in the background of some of the photos. While J is fishing I’m going to see if I can find something to read.

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Outdoor Wednesday



Tablescape Thursday~Foodie Friday


~Crab Stuffed Flounder & Wilted Lettuce~


Foodie_Friday_Logo_2 Once again, it’s time for Foodie Friday, hosted by Michael of Designs by Gollum. Drop by Michael’s to see creative dishes, from all around blog land.

flounder8a For a portion of today’s meal, I called upon Trader Joe’s, for Pacific Flounder with Crab Stuffing. Simply thaw and bake in a 375 (F) oven, 20 to 25 minutes. Absolutely delicious!

flounder10 I added Uncle Ben’s Long Grain and Wild Rice (the 90 seconds in the microwave bag) and a Wilted Lettuce Salad, to complete the meal.


Wilted Lettuce~

Torn leaf lettuce to fill a 2.5 quart bowl

4 or 5 scallions, chopped

8 slices of bacon, fried and crumbled

3/4 cup cider vinegar, sweetened to taste

Bacon drippings

Fry and drain bacon. Allow drippings to cool. Add the sweetened vinegar. Bring to boil; lower heat, to simmer.

Add scallions and bacon to lettuce. Pour hot vinegar/drippings dressing over all. Cover to allow lettuce to wilt. Not exactly a healthy salad but oh so yummy!

If you have a garden, this is best with homegrown leaf lettuce. Oh my!!

Approximately 4 servings


~A Breakfast Room Table~



It’s time for Tablescape Thursday, hosted by Susan of Between Naps on the Porch. Stop by Susan’s porch for beautiful table setting around the land of blog.

I used Mikasa French Countryside, a wedding gift, to set the breakfast room farmhouse table. I have a service for 12 of the Mikasa. I posted about the table and how it came to be ours, on 2nd Time Around Tuesday. If you would like to learn the story and see the photos please click this Link.

The tablecloth and napkins are Martha Stewart. I’ve had them several years; purchased on clearance. The cloth, at 108 inches, is too short, just reaching the ends of the table. I like it so much, I don’t mind. I kept the table setting simple, to show the cloth and napkins to full advantage.

I believe I bought 108, because that was the largest available, since it was on clearance. For some reason, I can’t remember, I have two of these cloths and 20 napkins. I’ve only used one of the cloths. This one was still in the package. For this post, I was too lazy to press the one I’ve used before. As you can see, I was too lazy to press the creases on this one, too!

The photo shows the reverse side is as pretty as the top side.


I bought the hen and chicks at a garage sale, about 6 years ago.

The table is large enough for 10 or 12, in a pinch. The photo below, shows the table without chairs.

We are a family of 12. A youth chair, used by tiny grandchildren, is seen beside the black cabinet. We also have a high chair. If needed, we can use the breakfast bar, in the hearth room, for extra seating. Many times, I serve meals buffet style, in this very informal room.

The colorful chairs were purchased at Pier One Imports, several years ago. I’ve considered painting them one color, a time or two. However, I always talk myself out of it. A bench sits under the window, for extra seating.









~Flags, Flowers & Fluffy Clouds~


Flags at city cemetery, Memorial Day Weekend.


Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday, hosted by Susan of A Southern Daydreamer. Beautiful outdoor photos can be found, when you stop by Susan’s, each Wednesday.


cathy's peony A Peony bloom, next door.  The remainder of the flowers, yard and gardens are ours.











Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


~A Farmhouse Table~


It’s 2nd Time Around Tuesday, hosted by Diane of A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words. Visit Diane’s for more treasures given a second chance.

SecondTime2 My sister in law saw the table first, while on an antiquing trip, in Clarksville, Missouri. She called and told me she had found THE table, I had dreamed of.

A few weeks later, we were at the same antique mall. I was walking through exploring, when I saw the table. I didn’t know it then, but it was the same table my sister in law told me about. J and I made a quick decision to purchase the “farmhouse” table that very day. This was a couple of years before we built our present home.

When we were planning our home, we asked our builder to make the breakfast room large enough to fit the 9 ft table. He did exactly that, with room to spare.

Not an antique, but we do believe the table is handmade. Perhaps put together in a home workshop.

The table also has the look of display tables, used for Ralph Lauren displays, I’ve seen at Dillards. Our table may well have been used for display, in another life.

Warped and bowed, dinged and dented; it’s the perfect table for our breakfast room.






A small peek of what is to come, on Tablescape Thursday, this week. I’m setting the farmhouse table. Drop by to see more of the tablescape, hinted at, above.