~Pomme de Terre, Fifi’s Table & Other News~

Pomme de Terre


On the morning of August 26th, we drove to Pomme de Terre Lake, about 40 miles southwest of Lake of the Ozarks.

Just imagine how beautiful this gorgeous place is, during Autumn! Our friends, Jim and JoAnn bring their travel trailer to Pomme de Terre, sometimes, during Fall and stay several days.

We stopped at Carsons Corner and picked up burgers and salad, then drove to an overlook and picnic area, for lunch. The middle photo shows our view.

Fifi’s Table


Not long ago Fifi Flowers painted a watercolor of one of my tablescapes and featured it on her website. I purchased the painting. It now hangs in the kitchen of our lake condo.

The photo, in the lower corner of the mosaic, shows the table on our deck at the lake. This is the photo Fifi used for the painting (shown below).

pat by the water

Fall Nesting


Fall Nesting Week returns September 2nd. Once again, Melissa of The Inspired Room, is hosting this wonderful event.

The mosaic shows a few hints of Fall Nesting, at our house. Come back by, Wednesday, for a look at our back porch and more, as we prepare for my favorite time of year.

O Christmas Tree


When we returned from the lake, Friday afternoon, I found Mary Carol Garrity’s latest book, Nell Hill’s O Christmas Tree, waiting for me. I opened the package, in eager anticipation. I’ve looked forward to this book, since I first heard about it, several months ago.

I own all of Mary Carol’s books. I think this one just might be my favorite. Gorgeous photos and wonderful ideas fill every page.

I’ve enjoyed touring and photographing Mary Carol’s home, in Atchison, Kansas, several times. I’ve shopped Nell Hill’s in Atchison and Briarcliff Village, KC.

I’ve met Mary Carol and so has J. In fact, he stood outside Nell Hill’s Atchison, talking with Mary Carol, having no idea who she was! As we were leaving, I saw her walking along, carrying several cartons, and pointed her out to J. That’s when he told me he had talked with her.

Two years ago, last Spring, just as I walked into the Atchison Nell Hill’s, I dropped my camera! Oh No!! Broken camera!

J enjoys touring the Garrity home as much as I do. It’s a lovely antique home. On the day I dropped my camera, we toured the home twice. We went through during the morning, after I dropped the camera, unable to take photos. I just could not leave without taking pictures! I bought a disposable camera and returned, in the afternoon, hoping for a chance for photos. Mary Carol was sitting on the porch as we arrived. I told her my dilemma. She told me to come right in and take lots of pictures! An unforgettable day for me!


1.The navy napkins, with roosters, in the previous post, A Rooster Party, are from Marshall’s, Osage Beach Missouri.

2. In the same post, the round rug, in the laundry, is from Home Goods, Saint Peters Missouri. I purchased it about 5 years ago.

The rug has a little story. I looked at it a couple of times, while I was shopping that day. I walked around the store, then went back and looked again. I put the rug on the floor, to have another look and a woman, about my age, came by and said to me, “You should buy it now, because if you wait, it will be gone and when you get home, you will wish you had gone ahead and bought it”. I had found a sister in decorating and enabler, quite by accident, at Home Goods! Of course, I took her advice.

This & That

Monday, the last day of August, is our day for routine medical check ups. We usually make a day of it, since the office is about an hour from home.

We have early morning appointments, with our physician. Afterward, we’ll reward ourselves with lunch and perhaps a trip to Trader Joe’s and exploring, to see what we can see.

I’ll begin Fall Nesting, Tuesday.

Stop by Mary’s Little Red House, for Mosaic Monday.

Have a wonderful week!

A Giveaway

A Giveaway-Handcrafted-Candles- 

Completely Coastal is hosting a gorgeous candle giveaway. Please click the above button for information.


~A Rooster Party~



A rooster table is my contribution for Tablescape Thursday.  Stop by Susan’s Between Naps on the Porch, for wonderful table settings, all around blogland.



Barb, of Bella Vista, is hosting a Show Us Your Roosters Party. There are over 100 participants. Stop by Bella Vista, for rooster inspiration, Friday August 28.

Rooster Party Icon by Ron









I found this rooster lamp, at a garage sale, about 6 years ago



More roosters in the laundry.





Carpe Diem is written on the wagon. 

Seize the Day!


A reader asked if I leave the table set.  I don’t, usually.  However, I did leave this tablescape, on the dining room table, because we were leaving for the lake and I didn’t want to take time to put the dishes away.

J’s physical therapy is doing wonders for his neck. He is noticing great improvement and hopes to be finished with PT, soon.  Thanks to all for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers!


Ozark Sunrise

This is just one of the reasons why we chose to buy our condo, at this location on the Grand Glaize Arm…Lake of the Ozarks.  I took this photo, bright and early, this morning (Wednesday August 26, 2009).

Thirty eight years ago, today, was a busy one for me.  I ran the sweeper, did the laundry, fed my two older daughters; all the while timing contractions, that began between midnight and dawn.  At two PM, just as Days of Our Lives was starting, I decided it was time to make a trip to St Joseph Hospital, Saint Charles.  I arrived with only minutes to spare.  Just after 3PM, youngest daughter was born.

Happy Birthday, Gabi and Drew’s Mommy!!


~Tasty Tuesday at the Lake~


We are here…


…where we are apt to have a “healthy” breakfast, like this, on the deck. Or supper like the one shown below.

We’ll explore, as usual. Perhaps we’ll picnic, antique or just sit on the deck and enjoy views, like this…


and this…sunriseab


Friday evening, I made steak and cheese sandwiches; a favorite of J’s. This is my contribution for Jen’s Tasty Tuesday.


Slice thin breakfast steak into two inch strips and add a dash of garlic powder. Spray skillet with Pam, add steak, cooking until nicely browned.

In another skillet, saute sliced mushrooms and onion.

Place steak on toasted bun or crusty bread, add mushroom and onion and top with Swiss cheese. Serve with mayo on the side and chips or raw vegetables.

Iced Tea was the beverage, for this meal on the back porch.


A beverage I served, at the lake, recently; Real Lemonade Raspberry Lemonade, with fresh raspberries. Delicious!

Just a reminder; Barb’s Rooster Party is Friday, the 28th of August.

Rooster Party Icon by Ron

A little hint…


Be sure to stop by Kathleen’s, Tuesday, August 25, for Let There Be White II. Where lots of table setting inspiration can be found.


I’ve fallen behind in visits, again! I hope to do some catching up, while we are here, at the lake.

Outdoor_Wednesday Foodie_Friday_Logo_2

Stop by Susan’s A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday and Michael’s Designs by Gollum, for Foodie Friday.

Have a wonderful week and thanks so much for stopping by!


~Wine & Cheese~



Stop by Designs by Gollum, each Friday, for delicious dishes from around the blogosphere.


Before J left for the monthly Knights of Columbus meeting, this evening, where his favorite meal of meat and potatoes is almost always served, we had wine and cheese, on the back porch.

We bought the Coppola Chardonnay on a recent visit to Trader Joe’s. As mythical as it sounds, Trader Joe’s indeed exists.

We thought the wine was very good and complemented our meal, very well.

The wine glasses are from a favorite Missouri winery, Les Bourgeois, located at Rocheport. Clicking the name will take you to the winery site.

I prepared a plate of cheese, summer sausage and fruit. French bread slices, drizzled in olive oil, and toasted in the oven, were also part of this light meal.

To accompany the cheese and fruit platter, I made a Caprese Salad.

  • 2 medium tomatoes
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
  • ground black pepper to taste
  • 10 ounces mozzarella cheese, thickly sliced
  • 8 leaves fresh basil, torn into strips


Cut tomatoes in half, then slice. Layer slices of cheese with tomatoes; drizzle olive oil and vinegar over all and top with strips of basil. Cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate for 30 minutes







Blue and white plaid tablecloth and napkins are vintage.


~A Black and White Table~


Tablescape Thursday is hosted by Susan of Between Naps on the Porch.


Before setting the dining room table for Tablescape Thursday, this week, we replaced the leaves, which had been stored away, since Christmas 2008.

I’ve put together a few photos to illustrate how the table (Long Cove Collection Lexington) remains round, when the leaves are in.

There is a series of supports that slide out. The leaves are placed onto the supports and locked into place. The table extends to about 6 feet and will seat eight, easily. I use the 4 slip covered chairs most of the time. A bench and Queen Anne style chairs, can be used for extra seating, if needed.






The dishes, used in this tablescape ,are a mix of white serving pieces, salad plates and chargers, I’ve purchased, here and there, over the years. The black and white dishes are new. I found them at Marshall’s, Osage Beach Missouri, last week.

The seal on the back of the plate & bowl reads Royal Staffordshire, Fine Earthenware, Made in England. I love the rural scene, as shown in the small sauce bowl, in the above photo.  I wish I had picked up six bowls and plates, rather than four.







The seal on the oval platter reads, Hotel Murat #33.  The platter is marked, Made in Portugal. I found the platter in a home furnishings store in northern Minnesota, several years ago. 

Do you know where I might be able to find more of these pieces?






Tuesday, August 25th, Kathleen, of Cuisine Kathleen, is hosting Let There Be White Part II. You will find white table settings with, perhaps, a touch of color.

This black and white table setting is my contribution to the party.