The Land of Blog, Barefoot Catfish & Other Tales

~Road to Cedar Hill Resort~
When I entered The Land of Blog, just over four months ago, I had no idea where the road would lead. Back Porch Musings took on a life of it's own and has evolved into a photo journal of our family, home, gardens and meanderings. Our family, as any other family, has had happy times and sad times, through the years. I decided, from the beginning, to write of the happy times here at the back porch.

Those "Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer"*, with 90 degree temps and dripping humidity, have arrived in Missouri!

Our Saturday adventure was a quest for "Real Tomatoes". Our journey began early, hoping to be home before the heat of day. If you've been visiting the back porch awhile, you know we were meandering until the heat of day was well under way!

Once again, we boarded the Winfield Ferry, crossing the Mississippi River to Illinois. From the ferry landing, the road leads to Brussels, Illinois. One of our favorite places to visit is Odelehr's Roadside Market at Brussels.

We purchased peaches, tomatoes, green beans, sweet corn and jars of apple butter and pickled beets. I had one of those excellent Calhoun County peaches for breakfast, this morning. Our Sunday dinner will be fried chicken, green beans and potatoes, sweet corn and sliced tomatoes. A wonderful old fashioned country meal.

We learned that 8% of Odelehr's peach crop was destroyed by the late frost. The apple crop was damaged, also.

Other than fresh produce, the Odelelhr's offer canned foods in glass jars, beautiful baby quilts, afghans and other crafts.


We drove to Hardin, Il for a delicious lunch of Barefoot Catfish. The photos show the Barefoot Restaurant sign, in the background, a plate of Catfish Fritters and the view from our tableside window.
Barefoot Restaurant, sitting at the edge of the Illinois River, was under water during the 1993 flood. The kitchen required major renovation. As always, "river people" rally after floods and come back strong.
~Illinois farm country and the Illinois River at Barefoot~
~Grafton, Illinois~
The lower left photo shows a Grafton cottage. The sign reads, Not-A-Shop.

On our way back to the ferry landing, we took a little detour to Cedar Hill Resort on the banks of the Mississippi River. After a cold drink, we continued to the Winfield Ferry and our return to Missouri. While aboard the ferry, vehicle engines must be turned off. Without air conditioning, as we crossed, I tried to remember what I said a couple of weeks ago, about southern women not perspiring, only developing a glow!
*This Nat King Cole song has been running through my mind for a week or two.