Anneliese: Beader Extraordinaire

During early 2002, I discovered Great Impressions, an online decorating board. I became a member of the group, in June of that year. The members are interested in all aspects of interior design and decorating. Great Impressions is where I became acquainted with Anneliese.

Anneliese and her fiance have restored a wonderful adobe home in New Mexico. Having watched this fabulous project, through the years, I knew Anneliese was a talented designer.

Earlier this year, I found that Anneliese had begun designing jewelry. She is an amazing talent. I happily own several of her pieces. Anneliese's Santa Fe is pictured above right. The ensemble also includes a bracelet and earrings.

When I was putting together an outfit for the wedding rehearsal and dinner, I contacted Anneliese about designing a custom piece to accessorize my dress.

Pictured at left is my rehearsal dress. This dress, from Coldwater Creek, is similar in style to the Chico's dress, I'll wear for the wedding. The black jacket is unadorned. The dress is longer length, about mid calf and has a light brown leaf outline on black background. You can see Anneliese's skillful use of tiger eye and silver, in the necklace and earrings. She also included a smaller pair of earrings to match.

The necklace, in the photo below, is called Indian Market. After a visit to the Market, Anneliese was inspired to design this beautiful piece. This ensemble includes a pair of earrings made of stacked turquoise, coral and silver and a smaller pair of coral earrings. This is my latest purchase.

These photos show two of my earlier Anneliese purchases. Leaf Me In Ruidoso is made of turquoise and silver with silver leaf pendant and earrings.

The last necklace shown, is made of aquamarine and silver.

I also own several pairs of beautiful Anneliese earrings.

For more about Anneliese's beautiful designs, visit her shop:

Rocks In My Pocket, listed in my side bar, is Anneliese's blog.

All the jewelry photographs in this post were taken by me. The two photos of myself...were taken by J.