~Weekend Happenings & Other News~

Breakfast room farmhouse table vignette of wire and glass cloches with birds.
I walked around our neighbor's gorgeous gardens, Saturday morning. She has the most beautiful Irises. Another of her Irises can be seen at my photo blog. The shrub, in the background, is a variegated Willow. J and I will be shopping for one of these. We saw one at our local nursery awhile back and thought it beautiful. After seeing the Willow, in a garden setting, we decided we must have one.
While I was at our neighbor's, I took this photo of our home. It's a different view, than I've shown before. There are two empty lots and 2 streets between our home and the place where I was standing. The photograph is a good illustration of the illusion of space, even though our house sits on only 1/2 acre.
A bit of garden whimsy, beside our mailbox.
Our youngest daughter, son in law and their sweet babies were here, yesterday, for dinner and visiting. Miss Gabi thought it would be a good idea to spend the night with G'ma and G'pa. We thought it was a good idea, too. Our sweet little guest is still asleep, as I write this.
Of course, as doting grandparents, time with the g'kids always calls for photos!
I had fun taking the following photos. They looked so cute in their khaki and white, I couldn't resist the black and white! The third photo has an additional aged effect.

Our oldest daughter and her husband were on their way to an Alaskan cruise, early yesterday.
Xanti, her mom and dad and baby brother Noah, are on their way to Xanti's school. She will spend the summer studying photography. We miss her already. We are so proud of her. I hope she can give her dear old G'ma a tutorial or two, when she returns home.
Thursday, May 22, we had lunch with Xanti and spent the afternoon together. The photos were taken at McGurk's Pub, a former hardware store, J remembers going to, as a youngster.
I've been tagged, by Judy of Grand Life!
I am to pick up the book nearest me, set in a foreign country, turn to page 123, go to the 5th sentence and post the next 3 sentences. I am to tag 5 people and acknowledge the person who tagged me.
The book I chose is from my collection of very old Agatha Christie paperbacks, the Hercule Poirot mystery, titled The ABC Murders, first published in 1941. My copy was published during the 1980's.
"She knows the countryside and the people round, and everything. I've been away for a year and a half." Poirot took pity on him and turned the conversation.
I tag the following:
2. Smilnsigh (Mari-Nanci)
4.Country Romance (Brenda)
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