~A Garden Walk~

In 2003, when we were looking for lots to build our present home on, we had only a few requirements. There should be trees toward the back, the back of the house should be to the east and we wanted no more than 1/2 an acre. We looked at this lot several times. One rainy day, I drove by for another look. J and I came back that evening and decided this would be the perfect lot for our new home.

When our home was completed, just about 1/4 acre remained for lawn and gardens. Over the past 4.5 years, we've planned and planted. Our main focus has been, flowering shrubbery, Hosta, Liriope, Lilies, Clematis, and evergreens, such as Boxwood, Holly and Yew. We have 2 Endless Summer Hydrangea, beside our patio. We've tried Hydrangea in another area, without success. Here and there we've filled in with various ornamental grasses. We have several Mums in our gardens, as well.

In many photos of our gardens and lawn, there is an illusion of a much larger space, than 1/4 acre. Fortunately, when we found our dream lot, there just happened to be a large family farm to the east, just beyond the wet weather creek/ravine and trees, that line the back of our property. This made the transition from 110 acres to 1/2 acre a bit easier.

The sky is overcast this morning. Just before it began to rain, I walked around the yard with my camera. The gardens continue to thrive during our cool rainy Spring.

Most photos enlarge when clicked.

All of the above photos were taken this morning. The photo below is from yesterday evening. This photo as well as the top photo, in today's post, are also shown at my photo blog.
Enjoy this Memorial Day weekend!