~A Desk Story & Winner~

The desk sat beside Granddad's chair. To this day, I see him filling his pipe and reading the paper by the light of a floor lamp that sat beside the desk. While sitting in that chair, beside the desk, Granddad told stories. I've written before about his wit and storytelling.

As a child, I played under the desk, pretending it was a little house of my very own. One day, when I was just beginning to print my name, I sat beneath the desk and carefully scratched my name into the finish, with a wire hair pin. I suppose that was my way of claiming the desk as mine, when I was no more than 6 years old.
The years passed. When I became an adult, Granddad gave me an oak rocker, that has rocked babies, in our family, for over 100 years. My eldest daughter has the rocker now. Our babies are still being rocked in that old chair. Granddad and Granny gave me other pieces from their home. But the desk remained beside Granddad's chair.

More time passed. My grandparents grew elderly. We learned Granny was having symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease. Granddad cared for her, as long as he was able. Eventually, Granny moved to a nursing home, where she seemed to be content. Granddad remained in their home. Each evening he read the paper, while sitting in the chair beside the desk.
Granddad passed away in 1972. It seemed impossible he was gone. The chair sat empty beside the desk.
After awhile, Mother and Aunt Helen planned an estate sale. What remained of my grandparents' household was auctioned, one weekend afternoon. When I arrived at Granny and Granddad's home, that day, my Aunt Helen took me aside and told me there was something put away for me, in the back bedroom. She walked with me to the room, where I saw the desk. Aunt Helen said, "Patty, this is your desk. It has your name on it".
The desk had a dark brown finish, when I brought it home with me, over 35 years ago. Not long afterward, I painted and distressed the desk, in the finish you see in the photos. "Patty", scratched into the finish with a childish scrawl, can still be seen on the underside of that old desk, almost 60 years after I wrote my name there.

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