~An Afternoon With Aunt Ruth~

Three lovely ladies await tea, in Aunt Ruth's pink, white and gold living room.
With an invitation from our farm neighbor, across the white fence, J went berry picking, early Wednesday morning. Although a bit late in the season, J found plenty of luscious wild blackberries.
We took a bowl of the berries to J's Aunt Ruth, during the afternoon. When we arrived at her home, she took our berry gift, with a smile and guided us to the kitchen, telling us to peek into the oven. A beautiful blackberry cobbler could be seen through the door.
We spent a sweet afternoon visiting with Aunt Ruth. Of course, the visit included a bowl of the delicious cobbler, fresh from the oven.
In her mid 80's, J's aunt is still collecting beautiful antiques. Her home is almost completely furnished in gorgeous pieces from early America to Victorian and well into 20th century. The 50 year old home is warm and welcoming. We always delight in our visits.
Aunt Ruth has been with us at various auctions and antiquing jaunts. Her expertise is an invaluable asset when on the hunt for furniture, toys, glassware, textiles, and art.
One particular auction that is well remembered, was in south central Missouri, near Licking. The three of us piled into J's old black truck and drove the 150 or so miles, early one Saturday morning. We drove the back roads of Texas County, arriving at an old farmstead, where we found the iron bed, now in the upstairs, studio/bedroom. At the end of the sale the back of the truck was loaded to the very tip top. We held things on our laps and rested our feet on boxes of treasure.
Below are photos I shot in Aunt Ruth's living room and around her gardens. During the afternoon we sat in the bricked courtyard and enjoyed the gardens.

The gardens, filled with beautiful flowers and bits and pieces of whimsy, always a pleasure to see.