~Condo Foyer Finish~

Bennett Spring State Park near Lebanon, Missouri.
Our Friday trip, to my old home town, Lebanon Missouri, was fun. Plus, the great table hunt of 2009 was successful.

After making a stop or two, in Lebanon, we traveled west to Phillipsburg, where we explored Route 66 Antique Mall.

While J walked Molly and offered her a cool drink of water, I browsed the shop. As I entered the door, I glanced to my right. Just around the corner, I spotted a possible table. J and I had discusssed our ideas and decided a low bench or small drop leaf table would work best for the condo foyer. I could not believe it when I saw The Table. When J entered the shop, I suggested he have a look. No, I mean a good look! I hadn't even been in the shop 10 minutes, when I knew I had found The Table. We walked around and explored some more, finding all sorts of treasures. As we worked our way around to the front of the building, we made our decision. We looked The Table over, discovering, like us, The Table was missing a few parts and had a scar or two. Perfect! Made of bits and pieces of different tables of unknown age or origin and a drawer, just the right size for Molly's leash, we knew The Table was coming home with us.

J finished painting the foyer and part of the kitchen wall, with Sherwin Williams Snowflake, Saturday morning. I could hardly wait for the paint to dry!

The foyer is finished. Now it's onward to the kitchen and beyond. We're using Sherwin Williams Mink (the darker hall color), in the kitchen area. The white cabinets should look great with Mink as a backdrop. The remainder of the areas will be painted in Snowflake.

The photos; scenes around Lake of the Ozarks, were taken by me, using a Canon Rebel xti. Mats and frames are from Michael's.
The Table, as it looked Friday evening, just after J brought it in from the truck.

These photos were taken in one of the rooms of the antique shop. We peeked in the layaway section, where we found more pieces repurposed, by this vendor. Filling the truck with wonderful treasures was a big temptation. We left, promising ourselves another visit, sometime soon.

We drove back to Lebanon, where we stopped at Dowd's for two Senior Catfish Lunches. We chose finger food sides of fried okra, onion rings and french fries. Hushpuppies were included with the meal. Bennett Spring State Park, near Lebanon, was our lunchtime destination. We sat beside a Trout stream, while we enjoyed our lunch.

It was a wonderful winter day, with springlike temperatures, in the beautiful Ozarks.

I have several pictures, from different shops in Lebanon. I'll include them in another post about our day trip, one day soon.
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