~2008 Top 10 Projects Before & After~

Rhoda, of Southern Hospitality, is hosting 2008 Top 10 Projects Before & After.

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The first makeover of 2008, at our home, began at the end of January. It started with an aching back and ended with an invitation from HGTV. The photo, above, shows the room before the makeover.

We were waking with aching backs and decided a new mattress might solve this problem. While discussing purchasing a new set or trading ours for the guest bed, we learned we had won a queen size mattress from a local furniture store.

The new mattress set was ordered and the king bed was moved to the guest room. That room is in a cottage style. When we placed the alder headboard, in that room, it just didn't seem to fit the style of the room. We contacted a car body shop and set up an appointment to have the headboard painted.

In the meantime, we moved the queen iron bed from the guest room to our room. When the new queen set arrived, we took the old one to the condo to be used in one of the guest rooms there. The photos, below, show the evolution of the Master Bedroom Makeover from the beginning through this last fall, when I used duvet covers, linen bed curtains and new lamps, to warm up the space for winter. For more about the makeover, click HERE & HERE.

I posted the makeover at Rate My Space. I was very happy when it was well received. In February an e-mail arrived, from HGTV, inviting us to participate and use our room as inspiration for the new series, Rate My Space. In the end, due to our knack for being tongue tied on camera and J's Cancer journey, we declined the invitation. It was wonderful having this little redo recognized by HGTV.

The Guest Room Makeover began as a result of the Master Bedroom Makeover. The photo, above, shows the room as it appeared in 2006.
The following photos show the progress of the makeover. We chose to leave both the master and guest room painted Laura Ashley Gold #3.
The paint for the headboard, shown in it's original color below, was matched to a small dresser in the room.
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The makeover of the studio/bonus room, above the garage, was done with leftovers from the master and guest room redo's. The photo, above, shows the room as it appeared in 2006.
The following photos show the room after the makeover, using linens, furniture and accessories from all through our home.
All three of these makeovers were achieved using what we already had, in almost every instance. The total cost for all three was under $600 or approximately $200 for each makeover. For more about the studio makeover, click HERE.

The Dining Room Makeover, began, when I grew tired of Laura Ashley Gold #3. While I still like this color in other rooms of our home, I felt a change was needed in the dining room. I veered away from my usual warm, earthy colors and chose Sherwin Williams Interesting Aqua, for the walls and SW Topsail, for the ceiling. We considered changing the table and chairs, for quite awhile, before deciding to order a new set, made by Lexington. Slipcovers were included in the cost of the chairs.
The dining room is shown in it's before and after state, in the photos included here. For more about this makeover, click HERE & HERE.

A quick makeover of the cabinet, in the hearth room, using fabric and foam core.

Zebra print fabric, for a $20 sidewalk sale chair.

I chose six makeovers, done at our home, in 2008. There were a few others, but these are our favorites. As the year ended, we began a mini makeover at the lake. More on that project, as it progresses.
It's Tuesday morning, bright and early. We have the condo kitchen area completed. I'm doing a little "photoshoot", today. Look for a post Friday morning.