~Blackberry Winter~


blackberry winterh Have you heard of Blackberry Winter?

"Blackberry winter" is a late-spring cold spell that follows the blooming of Blackberry vines.


Saturday morning, we were experiencing a bit of a cool spell here in northeast Missouri.  The temperature was predicted to drop into the 30’s overnight.  I would say this qualifies as Blackberry Winter because the wild Blackberries, at the edge of the creek, are in bloom.



blackberry collageWe were sitting in the hearth room, having our coffee, talking about how cool the morning was.  A brisk breeze augmented the coolness.

I had one of those Blog fodder light bulb moments.

I threw on a jacket and grabbed my camera, hoping to get a couple of shots of the Blackberry vines.  J went along to offer a steadying hand, should I, in my amateur photographer’s enthusiasm, go rolling down the bank and into the creek!


If the creek side Blackberry vines bear fruit, it will be sometime around the 4th of July. 

I didn’t want to wait…



Mother’s Day Flowers


Thank You Family!

Mosaics for Mary’s Mosaic Monday…

Several photos, for this post, were taken with my Canon Rebel Xti, using the Tameron 18-200mm Lens.  Others were shot with J’s Canon G11 Camera.