Table for Two…

…and a Diva!

powder room diva2

bathroom beauty snapper

Here I am breaking my new rule about three posts per week.  I just had to break the rule because I needed to write about Kelly’s e-mail yesterday.  I turned off the comments to that one, because it was an extension of the fireplace gate story.

Bear with me, while I am all over the place with this post! 

I am participating in the Bathroom Beauty Snapper Celebration at Shelia’s Note Songs.  I could not possibly miss showing off my powder room self portrait. 

Friday, I’ll visit Bathroom Beauty Snappers, in all their glory, all around the land of blog.

powder room diva

I also have plans to stop by Designs by Gollum.



It occurred to me it has been awhile since I posted a recipe or meal. 

Last Friday evening I prepared a pasta dish and served it on a simply set table, in the hearth room. 




Fusilli Pasta with Meat Sauce

Basic Meat Sauce


1 lb ground sirloin

fresh mushrooms, sliced

1/2 cup chopped onion

1 clove garlic minced

1 large can crushed tomatoes

A teaspoon of sugar can be used to sweeten the sauce, although, I didn’t add sugar for this particular sauce.

Add a tablespoon olive oil to skillet, saute onion, until opaque and add sliced mushrooms, then garlic. Cook until slightly tender and remove from skillet.  Add the ground sirloin to the skillet and brown. Return onion, garlic and mushrooms to skillet and add one large can crushed tomatoes.  Season with Italian Seasoning and Basil to taste and simmer, while pasta cooks in boiling water.  Drain pasta; do not rinse.  Toss pasta in olive oil and serve with meat sauce, bread and wine.


Stop by Michael’s Designs by Gollum for foodie-licious dishes from around the land of blog.



A Garden Update


This fountain was formerly in the garden by the dining room windows.  After several, unsuccessful, attempts to repair a leak in the upper bowl,  J moved the fountain to the garden on the north side of our home and planted it with annuals. The light green Licorice plant will trail over the edge of the shells.  The dark green is Fiber Optic Grass. It reminds me of the grass that grew in the pond, that was in the front yard of our home on the farm.  I don’t recall the name of the red. 

The garden includes, Hosta, Columbine, Iris, Day Lilies, Liriope, Ornamental Grass, and the latest addition, Lavender.


A glimpse of the patio Hosta garden.

Photography is my hobby; tending our gardens is J’s.

Happy Weekend & Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommies!